Book Lists

A Guide to the BC SRC Booklists

Each year one of our Content Creators creates an annotated booklist for each of the 7 weekly themes. Using award lists and peer suggestions to choose the best available titles, they ensure these titles are in print, and published within the last 10 years (or, if a “classic” with a strong and explicit reason for selection indicated.)

These lists are then sent to ULS to be made available for purchase by libraries, and to *NNELS and CELA for possible recording as audio books. In order to make these lists as useful as possible, they are further annotated with a series of abbreviations. These are noted at the top of each book list, similar to the following:

CA = Canadian author or illustrator
BC = BC author or illustrator
AUD = Available as Audio book
NN = Available from NNELS
CE = Available from CELA

* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.

Weekly Themes Download File
Theme 1: Up and Away – Transportation and technology PDF
Theme 2: Home Base – Planet Earth, animals, the environment PDF
Theme 3: What if…? – The future, science fiction, imaginations PDF
Theme 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars – Planets, moons, and other celestial objects
Theme 5: Out of This World – Fantasy, mythology, other universes PDF
Theme 6: Into the Great Unknown  – Aliens, black holes, and other mysteries of space PDF
Theme 7: Blast off!  – Astronauts and space exploration PDF
French Titles – EN PDF
French Titles – FR PDF
BC Publishers Book List PDF
Full Booklist PDF