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Medal brainstorming

At my library, we are wondering how we will be handing out medals at the end of the summer. I would love to brainstorm solutions with folks at other systems. Some of the options I have been considering are:

1) curbside pick-up – very difficult to keep on top of since there is such high demand already, so I am hesitant to complicate it further by having people call to arrange pick-up for their medals.

2) hoping the library will be open by then – we will still likely not want to draw a crowd (we get high volumes of kids on the first day of handing out medals).

3) coordinating with the schools – families would have to call us to tell us their child’s name, school, and teacher’s name/division so we could sort them and send them. Won’t work for some kids, may result in miscommunication and lost medals, and some families may opt out of returning to the classrooms. Could also clog up our phone lines for the first few days.

Even if one of these were a workable option, there seems to be very little opportunity for children’s librarians to celebrate the achievement of the kids! What have the rest of you been dreaming up for medal pick-up?

Accessible Reading Record Example

Kelsey (age 7) is a regular customer here at Richmond Public Library.  She is visually impaired, and her mom has added construction paper over the title and sticker boxes to give it a raised texture, and Kelsey is using her braille machine to add the braille to the title boxes.

It’s a little bit tricky to see in the photo, but it was such a cool idea I wanted to share it with everyone.




Powell River Public Library looking for some tween programming ideas!

My name is Megan Cole, and I’m the teen services co-ordinator at the Powell River Public Library. We recently moved into a new library space, which is three times bigger than our previous one. Needless to say we’ve seen a lot of excitement from our community, particularly teens and the tweens Grades 4 – 6. I’m looking for programming ideas for our tweens Grades 4 -6. Like many libraries, especially in the summer, we see a lot of kids whose parents send their kids to the library to spend the day, which always means they try to camp out at the computers. We’re hoping to develop some on going programming to serve them. I’m wondering what other libraries are doing around this.



Megan Cole

Powell River Public Library

Teen Services Coordinator


VPL – Kensington Branch SRC displays

At the Vancouver Public Library’s Kensington branch, we’ve decorated our children’s area with different themes so kids can “travel” through each area – up steep mountains, down into the ocean, across the desert, or into the forest! Follow the yellow line to take a journey.

To create these displays, we chose pages and covers of colourful children’s books (recycling discards or making photocopies). Cut ups from these pages were used to create collages that could be shaped into pictures. Paint accents help draw out the features, like waves in the water. The birds are cut from discarded pages.

src 2016 - process src 2016 - book a trip src 2016 - mountain src 2016 - oceanIMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1119