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BC SRC 2021 Resources

Here is a quick guide on where you can find some handy resources for BC SRC 2021. Please note that this year, we will be launching a brand new staff staff site so the full list of resources will be made closer to the BCLA Conference. If there is something that is not on this list, but you would like access to it, please email Stephanie at bcsrc[at]


BC SRC 2021 Logo in ENGLISH (png files) Colour | Black and White
BC SRC 2021 Logo in FRENCH (png files) Colour | Black and White
Main Logo Font Besom
Typewriter Font (if you’d like to make clues, etc.) Another Typewriter
T-Shirt, Tattoo, and Hat Ordering Form email bcsrc[at]
Poster PDF
Artwork Images Dropbox Folder
Hero Pose of all Characters (transparent background) PNG
Dog Character PNG
Blog Post about BC SRC 2021 Here
SRC Manual (complete; individual sub themes to come) PDF
Booklists Coming Soon

New Resource Page: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities

We are delighted to share with you a brand new Resource Page on the BC SRC staff site: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities.
This resource page grew out of a 2019 BCLA Conference session: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities. During the session, a panel of four representatives from three libraries gathered to discuss the successes, challenges, and evolution of serving First Nations children and communities through BC SRC. The topics touched on included: relevancy, factors in participation, partnerships, funding, adaptations, creating positions and policy to increase relevancy and engagement, training. Each of these topics could, of course, have filled an entire session. The panel included:
The panel members have generously agreed to share some of the resources they have developed within their communities. In addition, we have included the slide show from the session, as well as a video recording of the session, for those of you who were unable to join us. You may find all of these items here. We hope you will help us continue to build this page of resources. 
Many thanks go to our amazing panel members and their communities and to filmmaker TJ Galmut. A special thanks to Libraries Branch, Minstry of Education, for their continued and generous support in increasing accessibility to the BC SRC.