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Call for BC SRC Co-Chair

Call for BC SRC Co-Chair!

The BC Summer Reading Club is seeking a Co-Chair for the 2021 BC SRC. (This is a volunteer position with a three-year cycle, beginning April 2020.)

Below is a general idea of the Chair’s responsibilities:

Working with the BC SRC Provincial Coordinator, and the BC SRC Committee, the Co-Chair will:

  • Select annual artist
  • Develop theme
  • Craft seven weekly themes
  • Meet with illustrator to discuss and develop design direction  (Can be done via Skype)
  • Review, provide feedback on, and select from artwork using online project management tool
  • Announce theme, artist, etc. to listservs
  • Recruit/coordinate Content Creators and assign content tasks; recruit future co-chair
  • Oversee creation of manual content (review and edit as necessary)
  • Provide book lists to ULS, CELA, NNELS
  • Support Coordinator in surveying participating libraries about use of, and feedback on, the program, future themes, etc., as needed
  • Read SRC Community Story Award submissions and select winner
  • Attend the BCLA conference (registration is paid for BC SRC) to assist the SRC Coordinator with booth/promote BC SRC during Tradeshow; welcome Story Award Winner
  • Attend photo opps as needed/as able
  • Present the BC SRC Community Award to the winner


  • You love the BC SRC and have 3-5 years personal experience working with the BC SRC program
  • You appreciate the way each library system in the province develops the BC SRC to best suit the needs of their community
  • You have the support of your library management team
  • You are technically capable and comfortable with online tools (project management, Skype, etc)
  • You are highly organized and able to meet deadlines
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You are a strong facilitator, comfortable working with differing opinions and building consensus
  • You are able to work collaboratively towards an ultimate goal
  • You are excited by the idea of continuing to grow and evolve the BC SRC
  • You are able to commit to the following cycle:

2021 SRC Co-Chair (begin April 2020)
2022 SRC Co-Chair
2023 SRC Past Chair (with light support to Co-Chairs)

If this sounds like you, please send your expression of interest by email ( with three paragraphs describing:

  • your experience working with BC SRC
  • a time you have worked collaboratively
  • a time you have facilitated differing opinions

Deadline: to be considered for the 2021-2023 cycle, please submit your expression of interest by February 28, 2018 to Co-Chair to be announced mid March.

Meet Our 2020 Content Creators

Each fall a team of Content Creators from all over the province, set about building the BC SRC Manual. Under the direction of Co-Chairs Laura Zaytsoff (Castlegar & District Public Library) and Alicia Dobbs (New Westminster Public Library), each Content Creator takes responsibility for a section of the BC SRC Manual. During the dark days of autumn, these creative folks dream up sunny programs, activities, and booklists for libraries to use during the BC Summer Reading Club. It’s a delight to introduce you to the team behind the 2020 SRC manual!

Laura Zaytsoff, BC SRC Co-Chair

Children, Youth, and Outreach Librarian in Castlegar

The Castlegar and District Public Library is a single branch library and is a part of the wider Kootenay Library Federation. Our library currently services around 10,307 people.  In 2019 we had 84,792 patrons walk through our doors!

I love the process of collaborating with others all over the province. One of my favourite parts of being a co-chair this past year was attending BCLA in Surrey and getting to meet content creators and many others involved in BC SRC in person – so cool! It is really fascinating to watch the theme go through the process of beginning as just one word, like “space”, to the beautiful and stunning artwork we have for this year’s SRC. Bambi has done a truly amazing job and I can’t wait for everyone else to see the finished products!

Living in a rural area, it is really great to meet all of the content creators from around the province through the magic of the internet! I love seeing what everyone creates and think it is so great how we can all contribute to the greater whole of the BC SRC together. It has been so fun and magical to watch everything unfold over the past few years as BC SRC Co-Chair. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this year!

Alicia Dobbs, BC SRC Co-Chair 

Librarian I (Children’s & Teen Department), New Westminster Public Library

NWPL serves the City of New Westminster, with a population of about 77,000. We have one main library and one small branch in the Queensborough neighbourhood.

My favourite things about working on the Summer Reading Club have been seeing the (amazing!) artwork take shape, from first drafts all the way to a beautiful finished poster and reading log. I am so excited to finally see the materials in print! I’ve also been blown away by the creativity and hard work of the content creators, who come up with such a wide variety of material for the manual every year and help bring the SRC’s themes to life.

BC SRC Content Creators

The BC SRC is incredibly lucky to have this fantastic team of Content Creators! We thought you’d like to get to know this amazing group of people a little better.

Mehjabeen Ali and Surrey Libraries

  • Position: Librarian
  • Area of content creation: Activity Sheets
  • Tell us something about your library: Serving people across 9 branches, Summer Reading Club at Surrey Libraries is full of programs, special events and more for children of all ages!
  • How many people are on your content creation team? 3 wonderful members!
  • How you coordinate your efforts? Through a call out for contributors and then brainstorming ideas together.
  • What do you most enjoy about being Content Creators? The creativity and excitement that goes into making the activity sheets and children enjoying them in the summer!

Corene Maret Brown and Port Moody Public Library

  • Position: Programs and Youth Services Coordinator
  • Area of content creation: Family Storytimes
  • Tell us something about your library: We are a one branch library – small but mighty! Our average storytime attendance in the summer is about 120 people.
  • How many people are on your content creation team? One
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Google Docs
  • What do you most enjoy about being a Content Creator? Making a felt Baby Yoda
  • Anything else you’d like to say? Looking forward to the school visits and sharing great reads with all the students.

Julie Carter and Vancouver Island Regional Library

  • Position: Customer Services Librarian – Children and Youth Services, Nanaimo North branch
  • Area of content creation: Web quizzes
  • Tell us something about your library: Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) is the fifth largest library system in British Columbia. We serve over 430,000 people on Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii and the Central Coast (Bella Coola) through 39 branch libraries, our eLibrary and a Books by Mail service.
  • How many people are on your content creation team?Just little old me in terms of creating the web quizzes for BC SRC. We do have a wonderful Children’s Services Committee, though, that plans out SRC for all 39 of our branches.
  • What do you most enjoy about being a Content Creator? I like having the opportunity to work on a project that kids all over the province will have a chance to participate in!
  • Anything else you’d like to say? I have been a children’s librarian at VIRL for ten years. One of my fav aspects of children’s librarianship at VIRL is that we serve customers in very remote areas. We have a Books by Mail service for people living faraway from any of our branches. Each month, I get to select books to send to specific children through this Books by Mail Service and, in the summertime, I also send them SRC packages so that they can participate too. It’s wonderful that SRC can be enjoyed by all!

Gina Gaudet and Vancouver Public Library

  • Position: Assistant Manager, Children’s Library
  • Area of Content Creation: Programs (Ages 5-8)
  • Tell us something about your library: VPL is a large Urban Public Library that serves many diverse communities across the city.
  • How many people are on you content creation team? 14-18, that I know of.
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Each of the 4 neighbourhood teams takes on one theme to spearhead, and staff at the Children’s library downtown take on the remaining 3. These small teams submit their programs to myself for edits and uploading.
  • What do you most enjoy about being Content Creators? Contributing to the manual gets our diverse team working together early on in the season and helps us get ready for Summer Reading Club.
  • Anything else you’d like to say? Our work on Summer Reading Club is contributed to by so many fabulous and creative minds it is a joy to be a part of this productive team.

Wiena Groenewold Fraser Valley Regional Library

  • Position: Librarian 1 and Summer Reading Club Coordinator
  • Area of content creation:  Programs (Ages 9-12)
  • Tell us something about your library: Largest public library system in BC with 25 branches and serving over 700,000 customers in its service area.  Service area:  Fraser Valley plus the Deltas and Port Coquitlam. Began serving customers from Ladner to Hope in July 1930 with the Fraser Valley Book Van, stopping at grocery stores, schoolhouses and gas stations with books displayed along its outside shelves.
  • How many people are on your content creation team? Idea input from various staff
  • How do you coordinate your efforts? Email SRC staff contacts to see who is interested in contributing creative content
  • What you most enjoy about being Content Creators? Sharing ideas that might be used throughout the province.

Jamie McCarthy and Burnaby Public Library

  • Position: Children’s Librarian at the Tommy Douglas Library
  • Area of content creation: Booklists (English and French)
  • Tell us something about your library: Burnaby Public Library’s dream is to empower the community to engage with and share stories, ideas and information. In 2018, we welcomed 1,825,621 visitors to the library!
  • How many people are on your content creation team: We had a fantastic team of 7 librarians working hard on the booklists (Jamie McCarthy, Myles Wolfe, Allison Jones, Sarah Hotson, Hana Kim, Jennifer Zilm, and Susan Gow).
  • How do you coordinate your efforts: Each librarian worked on a booklist (we provided 8 lists in total). Two librarians then edited and cross-checked the lists.
  • What they most enjoy about being Content Creators? It’s always such a fun challenge to curate booklists for children, caregivers, educators, and library staff to enjoy. We really hope that children will be excited about all the fabulous books they will read this summer. As someone who has always been fascinated with NASA and space, it was an added bonus to get to read all about space and the wonders of our universe.
  • Anything else you’d like to say? Summer Reading Club is probably my favourite time of the year. I can still remember getting my first SRC medal as a youngster!

“Now I’m a reader, too!”

Francesca de Freitas from VPL’s Children’s Library recently shared this delightful story of “adorable SRC excitement”:

Some kids in our co-op put their reading records on their front doors so they show-off and can see what other kids have been reading, and so the Summer Reading Club is a not an infrequent topic of hallway conversation between the school-aged kids.

This morning my 5 year-old neighbour Ruby (starting K in Sept) came knocking very softly and, unusually shyly, at my door. She wanted to tell me she had joined the ‘library summer reading plan’ and that last night she’d read an entire book all by her self for the very first time. I asked her what the book was she told me it was ‘Time for Bed, Fred,’ and that her mom only had to help her with a couple of words that were hard. ‘Now I’m a reader too!’ she said.

We were so charmed at work that I’m bringing her a SRC poster and few buttons to celebrate this momentous becoming a reader milestone!

Do you have a SRC story to share? The winner will attend the 2020 BCLA Conference as our guest! For more details please visit

Please send your story in an email to, subject line: BC SRC Community Story Award.


New Resource Page: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities

We are delighted to share with you a brand new Resource Page on the BC SRC staff site: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities.
This resource page grew out of a 2019 BCLA Conference session: BC SRC Serving First Nations Children and Communities. During the session, a panel of four representatives from three libraries gathered to discuss the successes, challenges, and evolution of serving First Nations children and communities through BC SRC. The topics touched on included: relevancy, factors in participation, partnerships, funding, adaptations, creating positions and policy to increase relevancy and engagement, training. Each of these topics could, of course, have filled an entire session. The panel included:
The panel members have generously agreed to share some of the resources they have developed within their communities. In addition, we have included the slide show from the session, as well as a video recording of the session, for those of you who were unable to join us. You may find all of these items here. We hope you will help us continue to build this page of resources. 
Many thanks go to our amazing panel members and their communities and to filmmaker TJ Galmut. A special thanks to Libraries Branch, Minstry of Education, for their continued and generous support in increasing accessibility to the BC SRC.

Additional accessible titles available for SRC readers!

NNELS has just added a bunch more accessible SRC 2019 titles (mainly narrated audiobooks). You can see the complete list here. Our booklists have been updated with the NNELS icon.
Exciting to see so many titles available!
CELA and NNELS provide access to books for people with perceptual or print disabilities.See the CELA summer reading list here:  (FYI, some of the braille titles may be temporarily unavailable). See the NNELS list here
We so appreciate these accessible SRC titles!

Happy Summer Reading!

Inclusion and Accessibility

The BC SRC welcomes the participation of all children and their families and we continue to seek ways to provide an accessible and fully inclusive program. 

  • Core Print Materials are produced with a minimum of text in order to support the participation of children of any language and any reading ability.
  • A video in ASL (American Sign Language) with English subtitles, on both staff and kids’ websites, welcomes children with hearing impairment to the BC SRC.
  • Annotated book lists are produced each year, indicating titles available in audio formats (commercially, and through NNELS and CELA), making it convenient for anyone with a perceptual or print impairment to find theme-related titles to listen to.
  • Each year the Program Manual is reviewed by Dr. Tess Prendergast (UBC iSchool andInclusive Early Literacy) to ensure programs and activities include adaptations for different needs. With the assistance of Dr. Prendergast, general guidelines for Summer Programming Staff, on how to increase inclusion, are provided as part of the Program Manual.
  • in 2019, in consultation with Dr. Carole Ford (Co-Director for Davis Learning Strategies, The Whole Dyslexic Society), dyslexia-friendly adaptions were made to print materials and supplemental Resources.
  • A “Families & Caregiver Page” provides general information on the program, as well as explanations on how to join the program, in English and French. This content has been translated into additional languages and is available on the staff and Parent sites, as a print and web brochure. NOTE: This page also provides a dropdown menu with links to BC libraries, making it easy for families to find a library in their community!
  • Customizable “Parent Letters” are available on the staff site for libraries to download and send to their local schools. These letters include language that explicitly supports children reading in whatever language they feel most comfortable. As well, the letters specifically express support for cultures that emphasize oral storytelling.
  • Support materials are available for parents and librarians, including The Value of Summer Reading, (available in nearly 40 languages). The staff and Parent  site also include a Google translate plug-in so visitors can readily translate any page.

BCLA and CUPE BC Announce Support for BC SRC

We are pleased and proud to announce BC Library Association’s new partnership with CUPE BC!

CUPE BC is generously contributing $50,000 to ensure that BC Summer Reading Club continues to award medals to children across the Province who participate in this successful, inclusive and much loved program. Please see BCLA’s News Release for details.

Thank you CUPE BC!

The 2018 Kids’ Site!

If you haven’t already visited this year’s kids’ site, be sure to move on over to!

Once again, thanks to the incredible efforts of Shayne Letain and Neil Firkins, a bunch of “Motion Commotion!” is happening over at! Children and their families are invited to join in the fun by visiting their local library. As well, at, they have lots of options for interaction, for creativity, and to develop their literacy and digital literacy skills.

Meet Team Motion Commotion’s Leo DaVinci and J-Cat






Visit Leo’s Lab







The French page is accessible via a direct link in the top right-hand corner, above the menu bar. (When on the French page, the English link is in the same location.)



Links across the bottom include the Colouring Sheets, Booklists (coming), the DIY t-shirt images, and the staff site.

Leo’s Creator Club
In Leo’s Creator’s Club children are invited to write a story or draw a picture and submit to the site.






Some of the prompts include:

  1. Imagine that you are an inventor of Movement Machines! What would you invent? Describe your invention and how it works.
  2. Imagine your perfect laboratory or creation space. Describe it in a story!
  3. What do you like to make most? Short stories? Comics? Drawings? Animation? Movies?
    Leo wants to see what you make!

This is a perfect activity to share with teachers in your communities looking for a fun end-of-year activity that bridges the connection between school and the Summer Reading Club.

Each submission is reviewed for content, and then usually published on the site within 24 hours (or less). For more info on our Guiding Principles for approving submissions to please see the last section under “About Us” on the Staff Site.

The Manual and Downloads

The Manual

Our amazing Co-Chairs Emily Olsen (TNRD) and Jennifer Lee (VPL), along with our fantastic team of Content Creators: Mehjabeen Ali and SPL, Anne Martin and VPL, Wiena Groenewold and FVRL, Susan McCowan and Meghan Ross and TNRD, and Tina Lee and BPL, Julie Carter and VIRL, have worked hard to put together 7 weeks worth of motion-commotion-filled fun.

You’ll find the programs, activities, and booklists here or visit > Manual. We are so incredibly fortunate to have these skilled and generous people on our team! 

The Downloads

Lots of wonderful treasures for your own promotion await you here  ( > Downloads) including images, icons, this year’s logo and font (“Rumble Brave Vintage”!), icons, report card stuffers in French and English, and much,, much more!