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Fabulous Promotional Videos from BC Libraries!

So much fun to see the promotional videos some of you have made! We are collecting them here in one place for everyone to enjoy:

NVDPL: A joint video with Honourary Librarians from District and City of North Vancouver and a NVDPL-specific video 
ORL  (from ORL: We made it in Canva and happy to share the original if other systems want to edit for their own purposes.)
If you have a video to share, please send an email to and we’ll add it to the list!!

Where to find….

Here is your handy 2020 BC SRC reference page:

Online registration & reading tracker

Overview of online registration


 Staff Orientation Video

 Parent/Caregiver FAQ

 Online Registration & FAQ

 Preschooler Registration

  1. Type “other” into the school field
  2. Select “other” in the grade field.

(The program is funded for 5-14; we have included “other” to capture anyone on either side of that range.)

 SRC T-shirts

Adult and Ladies T-shirts 

We have a (very!) limited quantity of available for purchase, in case you missed out. Please contact with the sizes and quantities you are looking for.


2020 Survey and Evaluation

 Technical Issues 

Online Registration & FAQ page

(scroll to bottom of page)

 Weekly Videos

See Resources: Video Files (Includes video files for your website, etc.


Online SRC Registration Open!

Hi Everyone —  We are delighted to welcome you to the new 2020 BC SRC Online website:  and we gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Education for making this possible!

As of Monday, June 15th, children and their families can register online for the 2020 BC SRC, track their summer reading, and unlock digital badges for every 7 days of reading! And, starting June 29th, BC kids will have access to weekly activities, quizzes, contents and fun!

We have recorded a staff orientation to the full site, including the registration app here: In the video description you’ll be able to see the time stamps for various sections, in case there are specific topics you wish to review.

The BC SRC could not have completed this project in such a short period of time were it not for the outstanding work and generous efforts of the following people:

  • Michal Utko and the development team
  • Stephanie Hong (Tween Coordinator, BC SRC)
  • SRC Co-Chairs, Alicia Dobs (NWPL) and Laura Zaytsloff (Castlegar)
  • BC Libraries Cooperative (Scott Leslie, Jonathan Schwartz, Kevin Wooley)
  • Neil Firkins (staff site and more!)
  • Jon Whipple and Will Hopkins (Mission Control site)

Be sure to visit the BC SRC staff blog ( throughout the summer and subscribe to the YAACS list for regular SRC updates.

We are so excited to see the launch of BC SRC Online and thank you all for your emails of support and encouragement. We look forward to continuing to expand our program, and to incorporate more and more ways for communities to access BC SRC.

Happy Summer Reading!

BC SRC 2020 Survey and Evaluation of Outcomes

Here is a link to this year’s BC SRC Survey and Evaluation of Outcomes. Given the impact of Covid-19, this year’s survey results will not be representative of usual SRC activity and this will be taken into account.

You may wish to download this (optional) SRC In-Person Reg Spreadsheet for use in tracking your in-person/curbside registration. This is for tracking purposes only. Please use the link to complete the actual survey.

Once we have received your completed survey, we (BCSRC) will tally the combined total of your library’s Online Registration plus the In-Person total you submit in this survey and count that as your Total Registration.

As always, our goal is to maintain the intrinsic value of the BC SRC while improving our ability to measure outcomes and provide our funders with accountability. To that end, it is essential that each library SYSTEM (NOT BRANCH LIBRARIES OR INDIVIDUALs) complete the survey. By all means consult your staff but report once only please!

Our future funding is dependent on us providing this information on our grant applications. Please spend some time reviewing the questions beforehand so that you and your staff will be comfortable answering them. Attached is a PDF-version of this year’s survey for information purposes only. Please use the link to complete the actual survey.

Please note, the survey deadline is September 25th, 2020. We need all surveys in by that date in order to report back to our funders in time for next year’s application.

Thank you for your efforts — this information will help us to guide the evolution of the BC SRC and ensure its relevancy. If you have any questions, please email



Weekly BC SRC At-Home Activities

During the summer, we will be “releasing” a weekly selection of SRC At-Home activities for children and their parents. Program activities best suited for at-home use have been pulled from the BC SRC Manual and are currently being turned into short videos. In addition, we will also include Self-Directed Activities (e.g. crosswords, word finds, etc) available to download.

The Activities have been divided into two age groups: Fun Things for 5-8 year olds and Cool Things for 9-12 year olds.  A new set of Activities will be made available each week from the BCSRC.CA site, beginning June 29th.

In order to help you with your planning this summer, we’ve assembled an overview of the Activities that will be available. BCSRC-WeeklyActivities

You may download that overview here. Have fun!

“What is the BC Summer Reading Club?” Brochure

This brochure has been created by the BC SRC to welcome and support the participation of Newcomer families in the BC Summer Reading Club. It has been translated into multiple languages (link below) and is intended for use by libraries, settlement organizations, and community groups.


To view and download this brochure in other languages, please click here.

Professional Development with the Space Centre!

What a wonderful time we had with HR MacMillan Space Centre Astronomer, Rachel Wang, and Program Coordinator, Trish Pattison at the BC SRC Professional Development session!

If you were unable to attend, here is the recording. Enjoy!


Some Fun Things to Share!

Trish’s Slides (including the ones with the space food!) Lib Talk Trish
Also, here’s a link to the Astronaut Patches Trish was talking about. What a great idea for a program! Canadian Astronaut Mission & Personal Patches

Rachel’s Slides (including the one with the math!)
BC SRC Pro-D Session - The Universe (May 20)


BC SRC Online Registration Site Preview

Hi Everyone — we wanted to give you a preview you of the new BC SRC Online Registration Site. Due to Covid-19, we have been working to create a way for BC kids to participate in the BC Summer Reading Club, even if they are not able to get to their library. As you know, the timeline has been incredibly tight! Here are some screen shots of the wireframes from the designer, and while there may be some slight changes as we move through development, these should give you a good sense of how things will work.

Here’s a 10 minute-video walkthrough:

Here’s a PDF of the slides. Review

Here’s a PDF to share with kids/schools on How to Register Online BC Summer Reading Club - How to Register Online for Kids

BC SRC Professional Development Session, May 20th, 3:00-3:45 pm

Earlier this year we partnered with the H.R. McMillan Space Centre in order to better “Explore Our Universe”! Of course, BC libraries and the Space Centre are now currently closed due to Covid-19. We are delighted to tell you that we are still going forward with the BC SRC Professional Development Session. It will be held on May 20 from 3:00-3:45 PM via Zoom.

This event is FREE but registration is limited and required. You will be provided with a password once you register. If you are unable to attend the event in real time, please register anyway, and we will happily send you a link to the recording afterwards. Only registered attendees will receive a certificate of completion from the BCLA Professional Development Institute.

For more information, email

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

BC SRC Professional Development Session, May 20th, 3:00-3:45 pm

Take a trip beyond our Solar System and “Explore Our Universe”! Join us on May 20th, from 3:00-3:45 PM for a professional development session unlike any other. Meet Astronomer, Rachel Wang, and learn about all things space science and astronomy related! Space Centre Programs Coordinator, Trish Pattison, will also show us some easy-to-present astronomy demonstrations. You’ll leave equipped with information to support your summer reading club members! (And be able to confidently answer the question: “Is Pluto still a planet?”)

For more information, email

Webinar Speakers

Rachel Wang is the astronomer at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre and recent UBC graduate in physics and astronomy. Her formal role is being the content knowledge expert, while also striving to educate and inspire students of all ages that walk through the space centre’s doors. At UBC, she researched blazars using the UBC CTIO telescope in Chile and completed her undergraduate thesis on ultra-cold neutrons at TRIUMF. In her spare time, she dreams of discovering what dark matter is made of and becoming a CSA astronaut.



Trish Pattison is a programs coordinator at the HR MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver BC.  Trish has worked in education for the past 14 years. Her focus for the last 4 years has been expanding STEM education in Northern BC.  Having grown up in a small community in British Columbia, Trish is passionate about bringing new and unique educational opportunities to remote areas in the province.

Hold the date! Ask an Astronomer

Coming this summer, Astronomer Rachel Wang, will be on hand to answer space questions for your summer readers! More details to come but for now these are the dates:

Wednesday, July 15 2:30-3:00 pm

Wednesday, August 12 2:30-3:00 pm

Do your summer reading club members have questions about space science and astronomy? Are they interested in meeting a real live astronomer?! On July 15 and then again on August 12, BC libraries will be invited to a real-time online session where kids can connect with Space Centre staff. During this free event, kids will learn what to look for in our summer nighttime sky! Find out about the newest exoplanet! Learn what would happen if they fell into a black hole!

More details and login instructions to come. In the meantime, mark your calendars and start collecting those space questions. Here’s our list so far, from a group of 7-8 year olds:

  • Is the black hole black?
  • Why does space have so many planets?
  • How may stars are in the Universe?
  • How do stars glow?
  • What do stars eat?
  • How many black holes are there?
  • How hot is the sun?
  • Why is there such a thing as space?

Looking forward to “seeing” many of you on May 20th! Stay well!