Hazelton now has enough medals :)

Thank you all for your quick responses to our (Hazelton’s) request for more medals. I believe we will have enough now.

And thanks to all of you who post cute, inspiring stories about your clubs. We all enjoy them.

After a slow start Hazelton now has more participants in SRC than we have had in a few years. It’s been a strange summer and it’s gratifying that we have had so much help from our community partners this year.We will definitely need more medals. We are hoping to get at least 25 more medals. if anyone thinks they’ll have extra, we would appreciate some.

You could reply to me, Ruth Cooper, Assistant Librarian hdpl.ruth@citywest.ca

or to our SRC Community Co-ordinator Steph Menard at stephmenard3@gmail.com

medals could be mailed directly to the Hazelton District Public Library, PO Box 323, 4255 Government St., Hazelton, BC V0J 1Y0

Thanks in advance to those of you willing to help.



2 thoughts on “Hazelton now has enough medals :)

    1. Ruth Cooper Post author

      Thank you Ashley. I believe the 40 medals you have sent will be enough.
      We have used several different models for delivering SRCs to our various communities, including the package pick-up model, the out clubs with family bubbles model, and activity package delivery model in addition to our on-line outreach, and have had 102 participants so far 🙂

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