KSRC Wrap Up – Any ideas?

As the end of the 2020 KSRC comes, I’m left thinking of ideas for the final wrap up week!

Usually here at the Salmo Valley Public Library, we have a movie day and go to the local pool for a couple of hours. Seeing as we can’t do that, I’m wondering if anyone has any fun ideas for a wrap up! A zoom party is out of the question, as our turn out for zoom meetings hasn’t been great. Any ideas are appreciated!

Grace                                                                                                                                                                Salmo Valley Public Library                                                                                                                        Kids Summer Reading Club Coordinator

1 thought on “KSRC Wrap Up – Any ideas?

  1. ashleydunne

    We’ve had “challenges” for kids to complete every week, where they do something like cook with a parent and then send us the recipe or a photo. Would it work for you to advertise some ideas for personal celebrations and then send the library a photo of what they did? Photos can be hard because of privacy concerns. Maybe put out a bingo card of fun celebratory things they can do. Little prizes for anyone who gets a line, or just tie it in with medal pick up. You’d get an idea of how many kids did the bingo card and they would have lots of fun stuff to talk to your staff about when they come get the medal.

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