Medal brainstorming

At my library, we are wondering how we will be handing out medals at the end of the summer. I would love to brainstorm solutions with folks at other systems. Some of the options I have been considering are:

1) curbside pick-up – very difficult to keep on top of since there is such high demand already, so I am hesitant to complicate it further by having people call to arrange pick-up for their medals.

2) hoping the library will be open by then – we will still likely not want to draw a crowd (we get high volumes of kids on the first day of handing out medals).

3) coordinating with the schools – families would have to call us to tell us their child’s name, school, and teacher’s name/division so we could sort them and send them. Won’t work for some kids, may result in miscommunication and lost medals, and some families may opt out of returning to the classrooms. Could also clog up our phone lines for the first few days.

Even if one of these were a workable option, there seems to be very little opportunity for children’s librarians to celebrate the achievement of the kids! What have the rest of you been dreaming up for medal pick-up?

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  1. Blair McFarlane

    Last year instead of handing out medals at the end of the summer, we gave them out as each kid brought back their reading logs. We did a weekly drop-in program, so there wasn’t a set group of kids registered to give medals to at the end. We’re still doing paper logs this summer as we just opened this week so kids can come pick them up, then they’ll get a medal (and lego minifigure!) when they bring it back. We took their photos and stuck them on the bulletin board so everyone could see. I don’t know if you’re just doing virtual reading tracking though, in which case this is not helpful! Maybe once they collect however many badges on the bcsrc site they can call for their medal and you can place it outside?

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