BC SRC 2020 Survey and Evaluation of Outcomes

Here is a link to this year’s BC SRC Survey and Evaluation of Outcomes. Given the impact of Covid-19, this year’s survey results will not be representative of usual SRC activity and this will be taken into account.

You may wish to download this (optional) SRC In-Person Reg Spreadsheet for use in tracking your in-person/curbside registration. This is for tracking purposes only. Please use the link to complete the actual survey.

Once we have received your completed survey, we (BCSRC) will tally the combined total of your library’s Online Registration plus the In-Person total you submit in this survey and count that as your Total Registration.

As always, our goal is to maintain the intrinsic value of the BC SRC while improving our ability to measure outcomes and provide our funders with accountability. To that end, it is essential that each library SYSTEM (NOT BRANCH LIBRARIES OR INDIVIDUALs) complete the survey. By all means consult your staff but report once only please!

Our future funding is dependent on us providing this information on our grant applications. Please spend some time reviewing the questions beforehand so that you and your staff will be comfortable answering them. Attached is a PDF-version of this year’s survey for information purposes only. Please use the link to complete the actual survey.

Please note, the survey deadline is September 25th, 2020. We need all surveys in by that date in order to report back to our funders in time for next year’s application.

Thank you for your efforts — this information will help us to guide the evolution of the BC SRC and ensure its relevancy. If you have any questions, please email bcsrc@bclibrary.ca



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