Help us choose the 2021 BC SRC theme!

During the recent BCLA Conference, visitors to the BC SRC booth were invited to help us choose the 2021 BC SRC theme. (2020 is “space”!) The shortlist of possible 2021themes included:

  1. Mystery
  2. S.T.E.A.M. (Science Technology Engineering Art Math)
  3. Heart-mind (social-emotional intelligence, think “Inside Out”, the movie)

Now it’s your turn! If you didn’t get a chance to vote at Conference, we want your vote! (If you did vote at Conference, your vote will be added in the final tally.)

We’re using a different polling tool this year, as last year we had significant vote-tampering! (Who knew SRC theme voting could be so fraught!?) Here’s the link.

Voting is open till Monday, June 10th. All staff are welcome to vote, though we do ask that each person only vote once.

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