Imagine the Possibilities! Description of 2019 Materials 

Filled with colour, whimsy, depth, and gentle humour, this year’s wonder-filled artwork is by Jami Gigot. Jami is the author/illustrator of  Mae and the Moon, Seb and the Sun (Ripple Grove Press) and the forthcoming “Imagination Vacation” (2019). She also works as a digital texture painter. Productions include Antman & The Wasp, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Chronicles of Narnia. To learn more about Jami and her work, or to book her for a library visit, please visit
The Poster
Together, three friends: a Lemur, a Monkey and a Bird immerses themselves in their imagination, in possibilities! The pages of books — whether metaphorically, or in this case, literally (!) — provide the perfect means to explore what lies below the surface,
Delightful discoveries await the keen eye: a Swimming Pig, a Moustache-Wearing Crab, A Jelly Fish and a Peanut Butter Fish, Mer-Folk, Sea Horse-Unicorns to name a few. In this world of Imagine the Possibilities! anything is possible! 
The Reading Record and Stickers
The cover of the 2019 Reading Record echoes the poster, inviting children and their families to join in the fun, in English or in French!

Inside the reading record, weekly panels contain a different scene filled with imaginative possibilities: an impromptu jam session, some moustache-application fun, lunch with a Peanut Butter Fish, Jelly Fish, and Loaf of Bread Fish, catching a ride with a Rainbow Squid,  a profound encounter in the depths, and a storytime lit by what else…
 an Anglerfish!

On the back of each of the seven weekly panels there is room for kids to log their daily reading by recording titles, pages, or minutes read, or simply by colouring the delightful icons. 

At the bottom of each of the seven weekly panels is room for a sticker. The stickers feature a close-up of seven of Jami’s delightful creations. The 8th sticker has the 2019 SRC Logo for kids to use wherever they wish.

Activity Card: Fish Collage 
This year’s bonus is a Fish Collage Activity Card! This post-card sized project has on one side a blank space with the words “Imagine the Possibilities!” (In English and French, of course). On the other side are three very different, very delightful fish-collage-possibilities for inspiration! As always, Activity Cards may be used in any way that best suits your community — handed out to each child who participates, given out as prizes for programs or community events, or used as part of a self-directed program activity. 
T-shirts and Tattoos and Medals
This year’s t-shirt colour is a light blue (those of you who wear them outside will appreciate the lighter colour!). They come in Adult, “Ladies’, and Youth styles. All t-shirts are 100% cotton. 
Tattoos come in a “bundle” of 250, with 125 of each design included.
The ribbon colour for this year’s medal is purple. 

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