Up, Up and Away!

Welcome to the 2013 B.C. Summer Reading Club!

This year our destination is "Up, Up and Away!"

Have you ever wondered what life is like with wings? Are you curious about the sky above or worlds beyond? Do you like to read about superheros? (Or perhaps you are a Superhero secretly disguised as a mild-mannered kid!?) Whatever your reading-destination, your local library has the ticket.

Here at www.kidssrc.ca you'll find fabulous booklists, fantastical colouring sheets, a far-out web quiz, and the meaning of the word frugivorous (hint: check out the game in week 1: living things with wings).

Zoom to your local library where you'll receive a reading record. But wait! Your reading record is a superhero, too! It's not only a place to record your high-flying reading adventures, it's also a board game and spinning toy in disguise.

Add in bookmarks, mix-and-match stickers, a poster where whales fly and Superkids soar, and other prizes and treats, and you'll be prepared to take off with a Summer Reading Club that will take you up, up, and away!

The Summer Reading Club is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and your local public library with the assistance of Libraries and Literacy, Ministry of Education.

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