Welcome to Kids SRC: Savour Each Word!

Savour Each Word!

Welcome to the 2011 B.C. Summer Reading Club - this year we’re inviting you to "Savour Each Word"!

Do you like to take dainty bites of delicious books? Or devour them in a few gulps? Either way, you'll find something to your taste at the Summer Reading Club.

Your local public library offers a scrumptious buffet this summer: mouth-watering mysteries, piquant picture books, gorgeous graphic novels, flavourful fantasy, and many more yummy literary treats for all tastes.

Try sampling the fare at this website: might we recommend a colouring sheet? Or an internet quiz? Or perhaps a booklist or two to whet your appetite further?

Then head over to your local public library, where you'll find a feast of reading records, bookmarks, stickers, and delectable Summer Reading Club activities!

Dig in and enjoy yourself!

The Summer Reading Club is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and your local public library with the assistance of the Public Library Services Branch, Ministry of Education, The Honourable George Abbott, Minister.