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Summer Reading Club 2000

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Visit your library and take a magical trip.

Pick up a reading pyramid to keep track of the books you read and travel anywhere! Collect stickers and more all summer long.

Make sure you check out our interactive Kids' Page and meet talented artist, Catharine Mackenzie.

Here on the Summer Reading Club web site, there's something for everyone. Parents can find tips on encouraging their child's reading on the parents' page. There are also resources for librarians and educators, including the online Summer Reading Club Program Manual.

The year 2000 is a perfect time to look back at history and think about what the future holds. Jump on our magic carpet and make your trip a reading adventure this summer. Pick your favourite stories about dinosaurs, ancient places, cowboys and cowgirls, knights, pirates and future worlds! Tell library staff aabout your reading - they would love to hear about your favourites! Ask about special programs at your library this summer too.

Happy Reading from the BCLA Young Adult and Children's Services Section (YAACS) and the BCLA YAACS Summer Reading Club Committee.

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The Summer Reading Club is a joint project of the B.C. Library Association and the B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Library Services Branch, Honourable Cathy MacGregor, Minister

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