How Eco-Friendly is the BC SRC?


All the BC SRC print materials are produced as eco-consciously as possible. Our printer, Chris Diersch from Print It Group Inc., wouldn’t have it any other way!

The paper we use:
• has a minimum of 10% Post Consumer content.
• is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF). ECF is a technique that uses Chlorine Dioxide instead of elemental chlorine to bleach paper pulp. This process substantially reduces the dioxins left in mill wastewater.

The inks we use:
• are vegetable oil based inks and UV (ultraviolet) cured
• give off no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• require fewer chemicals for cleanup
• are anti-skinning (no “skin” forms on the surface of the ink can) and so produce no ink
can skin waste.

In addition:

While preparing for printing (a process known as “make-ready”), the paper is used multiple times as Chris and his team check colours, etc. This paper is then put back into the recycle stream.

All of the printing plates are recycled, and no film (and associated chemicals) are used to make those plates.

And, finally, all offcuts from the print run are recycled.