Book List Theme 7

Lights, Camera, Action!

Prepared By: Tina Lee and Jamie McCarthy, Burnaby Public Library

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* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.


This is a Moose
by Richard Morris (author) and Tom Lichtenheld (illustrator)
A movie director attempts to make a documentary on ordinary moose living in the wild, but he soon learns that his main star is anything but ordinary. Includes a glossary of film making terms.
William Heads to Hollywood
by Helen Hancocks (author and illustrator)
The statues for the Golden Cuckoo Awards have been stolen and it is up to William, the cat detective, to crack the case. This is William’s second adventure in the International Cat of Mystery series.
Mitford at the Hollywood Zoo
by Donald Robertson (author and illustrator – CA)

Mitford, Hollywood’s most fashionable giraffe, is in Hollywood to dress celebrities such as Meryl Sheep, Shark Whaleberg, and Rhinoana, for the Academy Zoowards.


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
by Kim Smith (illustrator – CA), based on film written by Melissa Mathison

Steven Spielberg’s classic Sci-fi story of interplanetary friendship makes a perfect picture book for the whole family. – Amazon


Night, Night Groot
by Brendan Deneen (author) and Cale Atkinson (illustrator – BC)

Groot, from Guardians of the Galaxy, is getting ready for bed when he suddenly needs to help Rocket Raccoon defend the galaxy. Luckily, the Guardians and The Avengers are also there to help.


Ages 5-8

Young Charlotte, Filmmaker
by Frank Viva (author and illustrator – CA)

Young Charlotte gets the opportunity of a lifetime when one of her films is premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.
Strongheart: The World’s First Movie Star Dog
by Emily Arnold McCully (author and illustrator)
Originally trained as a police dog during World War 1, Strongheart later becomes a Hollywood movie star after lots of training from a determined movie director.
Animation Lab for Kids
by Laura Bellmont and Emily Brink
Written by two art educators, this book presents creative ways kids can use stop-motion movie making and animation techniques to transform their ideas, art and stories into something more.
The Ghosts at the Movie Theater
by Dori Hillestad Butler (author) and Aurore Damant (illustrator)
Kaz is a friendly ghost and Claire is a curious girl who likes to solve mysteries. Together they make the perfect detective team as they look for Kaz’s long lost Uncle who may be living in a movie theater. This is the ninth title in The Haunted Library series.
Mercy Watson: Something Wonky This Way Comes
by Kate DiCamillo (author) and Chris Van Dusen (illustrator)


The Watson family takes their pig, Mercy, to the drive in theater to watch a film titled “When Pigs Fly”, but Mercy gets distracted by the delicious smell of buttered popcorn. This is the sixth book in the fun-loving Mercy Watson series.

Ages 9-12

by Arthur Slade (CA)




When Baron arrives at the camp in the Adirondacks, he senses something sinister about the man who wears a bear claw necklace. He’s heard the Aboriginal legend of evil men who can walk the earth as a bloodthirsty combination of man and bear, but Baron never thought he’d come face to face with the legend.
Lights, Camera, Middle School
by Jennifer Holm and Matthew Holm
Babymouse is now in middle school and decides to join the film club, where she is director of the club’s annual production.
How to Make a Movie in 10 Easy Lessons
by Robert Blofield (author) and Venetia Dean (illustrator)
Attention all budding young filmmakers! Learn about camera angles, scripts, lighting, plot, and much more in this informative introduction to the world of movie making.
Scenes From the Epic Life of a Total Genius
by Stacey Matson (BC)

Arthur Bean has big plans for his year in Grade 8 – he hopes to contribute to the school paper, save the planet, make time for a girlfriend, and create an award-winning zombie movie. This is the second book in the light and funny Genius trilogy.
Shadows of the Silver Screen
by Christopher Edge
When a mysterious filmmaker wants to make a movie based on one of her stories, thirteen year old Penny discovers something frightful is in the air. This historical thriller is the second book in the Penelope Tredwell series.