Book List Theme 5

Blast Off!

Prepared By: Tina Lee and Jamie McCarthy, Burnaby Public Library

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* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.


by Jason Chin (author and illustrator)
Simple text introduces the concept of gravity and explains what would happen if there was no gravity. Includes additional facts and information at the end of the book.
Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure
by Stephen Huneck (author and illustrator)
Fun loving Sally takes a relaxing ride in a hot air balloon while her friends on the ground try to think of ways to help get her down. A slightly older book that will have young readers asking for more Sally stories.
Goodnight Spaceman
by Michelle Robinson (author) and Nick East (illustrator)


Two young boys take a short but exciting trip to space before going to bed. A sweet and simple story that is perfect for bedtime. Includes a note from British astronaut, Tim Peake.
Hank Has a Dream
by Rebecca Dudley (author and contributor)
The adorable Hank has a dream he is flying high above the sky in this delightfully crafted story by the talented artist of Hank Finds an Egg.
Blown Away
by Rob Biddulph (author and illustrator)
It’s a windy day when Penguin Blue decides to test out his new kite. He ends up getting carried away, literally, and takes a few of his friends along for a ride too.

Ages 5-8

Spaceships and Rockets (DK Readers L2)
by DK
A simple information book about spacecraft and space travel with engaging photos, diagrams and activities. Perfect for children who are practicing to read on their own.
The Darkest Dark
by Chris Hadfield (CA) and Kate Fillion (authors), and The Fan Brothers (illustrator – CA)



Winter is here and the first big snowfall.  Mischievous Marley can’t wait to go out to play, and surprises his family with how helpful he can be.  Early readers will enjoy Marley’s winter adventure in this story from a popular series.
My Journey to the Stars
by Scott Kelly and Emily Easton (authors) and André Ceolin (illustrator)
Astronaut Scott Kelly uses real life photographs along with narrative text and illustrations to tell the inspiring story of how he grew up to become a record-setting astronaut.
Space Taxi (series)
by Wendy Mass and Michael Brawer (authors), and Elise Gravel (illustrator – CA)

Archie is in for a surprise when he joins his dad in a taxi that travels to all parts of the universe – and beyond! There are currently five books in this short chapter book series. (Some titles are available in audio)
To Burp or Not to Burp
by Dr. Dave Williams and Loredana Cunti (authors – CA) and Theo Krynauw (illustrator)
Things move a lot differently in space, and this book provides fun and interesting information on where things go and how things move in a zero gravity environment.

Ages 9-12

Space Case
by Steward Gibbs


Twelve year old Dash is at the center of this funny, adventurous, Sci-fi, murder mystery that all happens on the moon in the year 2040.
Zita the Spacegirl (series)
by Ben Hatke (author and illustrator)
The heroine in this exciting graphic novel series is Zita, a brave and loyal twelve year old who must battle intergalactic monsters and alien creatures in order to save her friend Joseph.


Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
by Roald Dahl (author) and Quentin Blake (illustrator)



This Classic sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory takes readers on an adventure through time and space when Charlie, his family, and Mr. Wonka step into a glass elevator. (Available in audio and through CELA)


A Wrinkle in Time: the Graphic Novel
by Madeleine L’Engle (author) and adapted/illustrated by Hope Larson


Full-length novel available.

This classic time travel story gets adapted into a graphic novel fifty years after the book was originally published.


Astrotwins (series)
by Mark Kelly (author) and Martha Freeman (contributor)
Twin brothers, Mark and Scott, spend the summer building a real-life rocket with a group of resourceful and crafty friends. Includes facts about NASA and the space program.