Book List Theme 4

Go Go Gadget!

Prepared By: Tina Lee and Jamie McCarthy, Burnaby Public Library

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* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.


If I Built a House
by Chris Van Dusen (author and illustrator)
Imaginative Jack describes the kind of house he would build – one with a racetrack, a flying room, and a gigantic slide.
It’s Only Stanley
by Jon Agee (author and illustrator)


Each time the Wimbledon family gets woken up during the night, it is because Stanley, their mischievous dog, is busy tinkering with one thing or another. A fun read-aloud by an award winning author-illustrator.
Norton and Alpha
by Kristyna Litten (author and illustrator)
Norton loves gadgets, trinkets and experiments. One day, he discovers something precious and unlike anything he has seen before.
Gus’s Garage
by Leo Timmers (author and illustrator)
Using various bits and bobs, the ingenious Gus always has the perfect solutions to all his friends’ transportation needs.
The Most Magnificent Thing
by Ashley Spires (author and illustrator – BC)

A young girl is determined to make something magnificent, but she struggles to get it just right. A charming book on persistence, patience and perspective.

Ages 6-8

Rosie Revere, Engineer
by Andrea Beaty (author) and David Roberts (illustrator)
Rosie is a brilliant child who loves to tinker and experiment and has big dreams of one day becoming a famous engineer. She attempts to invent a flying machine for her aunt, who teaches her the true meaning of hard work and perseverance.
The Inventor’s Secret: What Thomas Edison Told Henry Ford
by Suzanne Slade (author) and Jennifer Black Reinhardt (illustrator)


Written by a real life mechanical engineer, this is an informational picture book about the wide success and friendship of two very famous, but very different, inventors.
Oh, the Things They Invented!
by Bonnie Worth (author), Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu (illustrators)
From the first printing press to the World Wide Web—the Cat in the Hat looks at inventors and inventions that have changed our lives. – Amazon. Includes a glossary, index and further reading list.
by Mary GrandPré (author and illustrator)
Young Cleonardo comes from a family of great inventors, but how is she supposed to follow in her family’s footsteps when her father never takes her ideas seriously? Written and illustrated by GrandPré, who created the cover art for the American editions of the Harry Potter novels.
The DATA Set series
by Ada Hopper (author), Sam Ricks (illustrator) and Graham Ross (illustrator – CA)

The DATA Set consists of three whiz kids who love danger, action, trouble and adventure. So when the kids discover their neighbour is a mad scientist, they are in for a thrilling ride. There are currently seven titles in the series.

Ages 9-12

The Templeton Twins Have an Idea
by Ellis Weiner (author) and Jeremy Holmes (illustrator)
Lemony Snicket fans may enjoy this book’s wisecracking narrator and it’s tale of two twelve year old twins named John and Abigail and their quirky inventor father. This sarcastic read features kidnapping, adult twins, and other crazy plot twists.
The Lost Track of Time
by Paige Britt (author) and Lee White (illustrator)


Penelope lives everyday according to a schedule, until one day she goes on an unplanned adventure into a magical world. This book looks at creativity, imagination, and the “Realm of Possibility.”
Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code
by Laurie Wallmark (author) and Katy Wu (illustrator)
A non-fiction read for coding and computer fans. It tells the biography of Grace Hopper, a brilliant and ground breaking computer scientist who enjoyed coming up with creative solutions to difficult questions. The book is filled with many of Hopper’s inspirational and witty quotes.
The Blackthorn Key
by Kevin Sands (author – CA)


Christopher is an apothecary’s apprentice who must save the world by solving a series of cryptic codes while protecting his mentor’s secrets. Good for older readers who like suspenseful action driven stories, The Blackthorn Key is a great series for mystery, history, and science fans.
Tesla’s Attic
by Neal Shusterman and Eric Elfman (authors)


This is first in a series of lively books that science fiction and fantasy fans will enjoy. It is the story of a boy who discovers the lost inventions of a scientist in his attic that have the power to change the world. How can he stop them from getting in the wrong hands? Older readers who like Sci-fi and action will connect with this book.