Book List Theme 3

On Your mark, Get Set, Go!

Prepared By: Tina Lee and Jamie McCarthy, Burnaby Public Library

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* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.


The Hockey Song
by Tom Connors (author – CA) and Gary Clement (illustrator – CA)

Canada is known for its love of hockey and this book proves why. Clement’s illustrations are charming and perfectly accompany Stompin’ Tom’s classic song, creating a fun sing-along.
Dojo Daycare
by Chris Tougas (author and illustrator – CA)

Six ninjas learn their manners at daycare in this funny and energetic book.
Take Me Out to the Yakyu
by Aaron Meshon (author and illustrator)
Baseball is a hugely popular sport in both Japan and America. In this colourfully illustrated book, two grandfathers from both countries teach their grandsons about the importance of the sport in their cultures. A great bonding book for young sports fans.
Dinosaur Dance!
by Sandra Boynton (author and illustrator)
Cha-cha-cha! Boynton creates another delightful board book set to a danceable rhythm. Preschoolers will love to dance along.
First Hockey Words
by Per-Henrik Gürth (author and illustrator – CA)

Learn hockey vocabulary, like Zamboni, through this lively book featuring Gürth’s signature bold and simple illustration style.

Ages 5-8

Black Belt Bunny
by Jacky Davis (author) and Jay Fleck (illustrator)
Black Belt Bunny is great at many things, but he has never made a salad before. A humorous read that teaches kids not to be afraid of trying new things.
The Highest Number in the World
by Roy MacGregor (author – CA) and Geneviève Despres (illustrator – CA)

MacGregor, the author of the great Screech Owls hockey mystery series, tells the story of a young female hockey player that learns from her grandmother that sometimes not getting the jersey number you want can be a good thing.


Swimming, Swimming
by Gary Clement (author and illustrator – CA)

Nothing beats hanging out in the swimming pool on a long summer day. Clement captures the fun of the classic action song, “Swimming, Swimming,” in this fun and simple book.


by Lisa Wheeler (author) and Barry Gott (illustrator)


In this instalment of Wheeler’s dino sports series, the reader enters the high energy world of skateboarding and snowboarding. A crowd-pleaser for dinosaur and sports fans alike — Far out!
Cara’s Kindness
by Kristi Yamaguchi (author) and John Lee (illustrator)



American figure skating icon, Kristi Yamaguchi, introduces children to the concept of paying it forward in this cute picture book. Cara, a figure skating cat, teaches her friend Darby how to skate, but only if he helps others out in return.


Ages 9-12

Gabby Garcia’s Ultimate Playbook
by Iva-Marie Palmer (author)


When baseball pitcher Gabby Garcia moves to a new school, she comes up with a game plan to keep winning. This book is a home-run for sports obsessed readers.
Jay Versus the Saxophone of Doom
by Kara Kootstra (author – CA) and Kim Smith (illustrator – CA)

Sixth grader and hockey player Jay is dealing with two issues: bullying and his fear of playing the saxophone. This funny and charming book is great for Diary of a Wimpy Kid fans. It also features an afterword by hockey legend Bobby Orr.


Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win
by Rachel Ignotofsky (author and illustrator)


This non-fiction read is great for older readers interested in sports and history. Readers learn more about a variety of inspirational sports heroes, including gymnast Simone Biles, swimmer Gertrude Ederle, and tennis player Serena Williams, and the struggles they faced. Ignotofsky’s illustrations are charming and the book is full of information.
Athlete vs. Mathlete
by W.C. Mack (author – CA)

Two twin brothers, one athletic and one book-smart, battle it out on the basketball court in this case of sibling rivalry. The story is told from the point of view of both brothers with lots of humour for sports fans.
Roller Girl
by Victoria Jamieson (author and illustrator)
This graphic novel is a crowd pleaser about two best friends, Astrid and Nicole, who begin to drift apart when one friend takes up roller derby and the other ballet. A perfect read a-like for Raina Telgemeier fans.