Book List Theme 5

Weather Watchers

Prepared by Linda Baird and Mehjabeen Ali, Surrey Libraries

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Ages 3-5

Once upon a northern night
by Jean E. Pendziwol
A beautiful lullaby of an icy Canadian night – a young child sleeps wrapped in warm blankets, while outside the snow falls, the animals are awake and the northern lights shine.  In the morning a beautiful picture awaits outside the window.  Soft black and white illustrations, highlighted by single colours, contribute to the gentle feeling of the poetry.
Rain Fish
by Lois Ehlert
When it ‘rains all day, the rain fish come out and play.’  These are the creatures created by the debris that gathers and floats along in streams caused by rain.  Simple rhymes and colourful collages celebrate creativity by looking at found items with new eyes, and will inspire young artists to see what they can find to make rain fish with.
So Much Snow
by Robert Munsch
Jasmine heads off to school even though a blizzard is coming, because she likes snow and besides, it’s Pizza Day.  But as she steps out the door, the snow starts to fall – deeper and deeper until Jasmine ends up buried with only the top of her hat showing. When she is finally rescued, a Snow Day has been declared and school is closed, but where is the pizza?
by Lauren Taylor
Simple descriptions of what snow is, when it falls and what happens in winter are complimented by bright clear photos that children can relate too.  Animals, birds and other children are shown enjoying snowy days in this first look at snow.
Tap, tap, BOOM, BOOM
by Elizabeth Bluemle
A sudden downpour on a city street sends everyone dashing for cover in the subway, where strangers become friends and a community is created, at least for the duration of the summer storm.  Written in rhythmic verse, this book is perfect for reading aloud and together.
Toys meet Snow: Being the Wintertime Adventures of a Curious Stuffed Buffalo, a Sensitive Plush Stingray and a Book-loving Rubber Ball
by Emily Jenkins and Paul O. Zelinsky
When a girl is away on holidays, three of her toys go outside and experience the first snowfall.  With beautiful illustrations and gentle humour, the toys play in the snow before coming in wet, cold and happy as the day begins to fade. A perfect day in the snow will be instantly recognised by children of all ages.

Ages 6-8

Boy, were we wrong about the weather!
by Kathleen V. Kudlinski
This book is a great introduction to meteorology, the science of weather – full of fascinating facts for young scientists. Old myths and ideas about weather and climate are shown to be wrong (or not!) by the findings of modern science, proving that boy, were we wrong about the weather.
Snow Dog Marley
by Susan Hill
Winter is here and the first big snowfall.  Mischievous Marley can’t wait to go out to play, and surprises his family with how helpful he can be.  Early readers will enjoy Marley’s winter adventure in this story from a popular series.
Survival: Avalanche!
by Frieda Wishinsky
Alex has just moved to BC, close to the Rockies and Jasper National Park.  On a perfect day to make an epic snow fort with new friends, the boys hear a boom and see a wall of snow coming towards them.  Avalanche!  Suddenly everything is turned upside down, and Alex must figure out how to survive and help his friends.
Toad Weather
by Sandra Markle
On a rainy spring night, Mama persuades Ally and Grandma to come outside for a special surprise.  Past the colourful umbrellas and everyday sounds, they discover crowds of people at a ‘Toad Detour’.  It is perfect toad weather, when toads migrate to nearby ponds to mate and lay their eggs.  Ally and her family spend the night carrying toads safely across the road, and discover that toad weather makes them happy.
What are Clouds?
by Ellen Lawrence
A first look at clouds, with interesting facts (the water in one cloud can weigh more than a jumbo jet) and clear, bright photos.  Simple activities and a ‘Science Lab’ explaining how to keep your own weather diary provide lots of ideas for further discoveries.
When will it rain? Noticing Weather Patterns
by Martha Rustad
– Mr. Davis’s class is learning to look at weather and notice patterns in what they see.  When a meteorologist visits, she explains how those patterns can also help predict future weather.  Beginning meteorologists will be inspired to create their own weather charts at home, and there are instructions to make an anemometer to see how fast the wind is blowing,  enabling them to start noticing weather patterns of their own.

Ages 9-12

by Kathleen Van Cleeve
Living on a rhubarb farm with magical qualities, a drought could be coming. A strange mist has appeared and things get crazy. In all of this eleven year old Polly who lives on the farm tries to find a way for there to be rain so the farm survives.
Extreme Weather: Surviving Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Hailstorms, Blizzards, Hurricanes, and More!
by Thomas Kostigen

Learn about extreme weather and why it is happening. Lots of topics packed in here including ocean levels and derachos.

Usborne Weather & Climate Change
by Laura Howell

Many topics here such as forecasting the weather and the greenhouse effect. Also includes how floods, droughts, and other weather patterns occur.

What Are Weather and Climate
by Joanne Mattern

Explains both the differences between weather and climate and how they are connected. Includes diagrams and pictures to help the reader understand how weather is made and the relationship they have with us.

Whatever the Weather: Science Experiments and Art Activities That Explore the Wonders of Weather
by Annie Riechmann

The basics of the science of weather we experience every day and a great read for kids and adults!