Book List Theme 3

Spot Nature’s Magic

Prepared by Patricia Snesar and Mehjabeen Ali, Surrey Libraries

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Ages 3-5

Canada All Year
by Per-Henrik Gürth
The author uses boldly coloured illustrations with simple text to backdrop the travels of a happy group of animals.  Their adventures span coast to coast to experience Canada’s regions through the four seasons.
The Life Cycle of a Salmon
by Ruth Thomson
Vibrant photographs with clear descriptions will guide young learners along the amazing life cycle of the salmon.
by Terry J. Jennings
The book uses full page photographs with large colourful text to encourage readers to learn how different animals are camouflaged by their coats and colouring.  The attractive images show a variety of animals in their natural environments throughout the seasons.
by Linda Aspen-Baxter
Interesting facts with vivid close-up photography combine to teach early learners about the four seasons.  Additional detail is provided in “Season Facts” at the back pages, pointing readers to the corresponding page numbers.
See You Next Year
by Andrew Larsen
The story is narrated in the voice of a girl who describes her family’s summer ritual: their annual vacation week stay at the beach.  While she reminisces of all things familiar each summer, she has something new to look forward to next year, when she meets a new friend who also spends the summer at the same beach.
Taan’s Moons: A Haida Moon Story
by Alison Gear
This is a lovely version of the Haida moon cycle, each verse describing experiences through the seasons of a black bear called Taan. Detailed felt scenes adorn each verse to give readers a delightful sense of the magic of nature through the eyes of Taan.

Ages 6-8

Life Cycle of a Pacific Salmon
by Jason Cooper
Detailed information and dramatic photography inform the reader of the Pacific Salmon’s life stages from egg hatchling to end of life spawning.
A Frog’s Life
by Ellen Lawrence

Full page photo images coupled with eye-catching memo-pad style text will inspire young readers to discover fascinating facts about the life cycle of frogs.

When Butterflies Cross the Sky: The Monarch Butterfly Migration
by Sharon Katz Cooper

The difficult migration journey of the majestic butterfly is explained in this moving story accompanied with stunning artistic illustrations.

A Year of Seasons (Cycles in Nature series)
by George Pendergast
The earth’s seasonal cycles are explained with scientific information, vibrant photography and attractive diagrams, to help readers understand how and why our seasons and their corresponding weather occur at the same time through each year.
Big City Bees
by Maggie De Vries

Two city kids work through the seasons to ensure that their pumpkin garden will grow and thrive with the help of pollinating bees. An inspiring story which will help readers to understand the importance of bees and their work necessary to pollinate our food growing plants.

Butterfly Park
by Elly MacKay
The story tells of a young girl who moves to a new neighbourhood, and discovers a place called Butterfly Park, but finds that no butterflies will settle there.  She then sets out with her neighbours to plant a butterfly garden in the park.  Intricate 3D cutout images accompany the simple, yet eloquent text.
Run Salmon Run
by Robyn Hardy
An enchanting story in rhyme with delightful illustrations, the author tells of the adventures of a special salmon throughout his entire life cycle.  Includes an illustrated glossary to help young readers learn the salmon’s life cycle stages.

Ages 9-12

Birchbark House
by Louise Erdrich
A story about a young Ojibwa girl in the 19th century, enjoying the summer and autumn months of life living near Lake Superior and learning to be happy after smallpox affects the area in winter.
Beyond the Laughing Sky
by Michelle Cuevas

Nashville, a boy who is part human and part bird, was hatched from an egg and lives in a house up on a pecan tree. A bird boy with feathers for hair and a beak for a nose, who likes to wear hats and bow ties, this is a story about aspiration and acceptance.

The Moon Speaks Cree: A Winter Adventure
by Larry Oskiniko Loyle
A boy is learning about the land, the animals, and his beautiful culture in the winter season. He’ll ride a toboggan, learn about survival in the winter from his grandparents, and more.
Dinosaur Boy
by Cory Putman Oakes
When a fifth grader develops a dinosaur’s tail and spikes, school gets crazy. Join him and two friends for an entertaining adventure.
Four Seasons of Patrick
by Susan Hughes

The changing of seasons bring changes in young Patrick’s life. How will he cope with it? Would a tree house be the answer?