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BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

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Storytime (ages 3-5)

par Dubuc, Marianne
Clara is excited to be taking the bus to her grandmother’s house today. It’s the first time she is going on her own. Little does she know that there will be a whole cast of interesting characters keeping her company. The ride just might be more of an adventure than she imagined!
par Lavoie, Mathieu
Gilles, a baby chick, accidentally hatches on the ground, and is easy prey for a cunning fox – unless his resourceful Mom can save him. The question and answer format makes this gently humorous and suspenseful story perfect to read aloud.
Gros Dodo
par Tankard, Jeremy
Bird’s friends are getting ready for bed, but Bird doesn’t want to sleep, he wants to play! He tries to get his friends to join him, but they are too tired. They try to calm Bird with their favorite bedtime activities – a story, a favorite stuffed animal, and a lullaby, but Bird will not settle. After a major meltdown, an exhausted Bird finally falls asleep, at least for a little while.
Nicolas à la défense
par Tibo, Gilles
School mates tease Jérémy about his poor soccer skills. His friend Nicolas invites him to try various sports activities, but Jérémy is not very athletic. But after many hours of practice Nicolas and Jérémy show up to hockey try-outs – everyone is in for a big surprise!

Ages 6-8

23 choses à faire avant d’avoir 11 ans 1/2: projets amusants pour les bricoleurs en herbe
Inventions and creativity
Build a giant bubble wand, a secret book vault, or a pair of stilts. This book has step-by-step instructions for 23 projects to make and to have fun with this summer.
Les voyages extraordinaires
de Facteur Souris
By Dubuc, Marianne
Blast Off/Transportation
Instead of using his van to make deliveries today, Mr Postmouse (de Facteur Souris) climbs into his rocketship! Nothing will stop him from delivering his parcels even when he has to visit la Planete XYZ, Microville, le Pays des Monstres, et le Pays des licrones.
Le vilain petit canard (ou presque)
By Gouichoux, René
In this retelling of The Ugly Ducking, Omar has trouble fitting in at his new school – the kids love to play football, but he prefers ballet. When he watches swans for the first time, he is inspired to choreograph a dance he is sure will impress his schoolmates. Beginning readers can read the words in bubbles, more confident readers can read the entire story by themselves.
N’importe quoi! N’importe quoi! le petit cahier noir
By Gravel, Elise
Author and illustrator Elise Gravel lets us into the world of her black notebook, a whimsical world of monsters, mushrooms, cute animals, and even a fart festival. Every page is a new idea, encouraging the reader to try drawing too.
Escargots à gogo
par Le Guen, Sandrine
When she goes to stay with her grandfather for the holidays, Paula learns about all the tiny creatures inhabiting his garden, especially the snails.

Ages 9-12

En voiture! L’Amérique en chemin de fer
par Blanchet, Pascal
The ultimate road trip, or rather rail trip. Take a journey on board some of the largest passenger trains that have ever rolled in North America, cross the United States and Canada from the East to the West coast, enjoy breathtaking landscapes and explore some of the most famous train stops on the continent, past and present.
Les Légendaires Tome 1, La pierre des dieux
par Jarry, Nicolas
Travel through space and time/Sports and Physical activities/Inventions
When a magic spell turns all the inhabitants of the kingdom Alysia into children, our five heroes must combine forces and join their magical powers to quest for a special stone. But their quest will lead them to a terrible secret threatening their kingdom. This is the first installment in an ongoing series.
Poppy! Et Le Lagon Perdu
par Kindt, Matt
Blast off
The greatest explorer since her grandfather Pappy, ten-year-old Poppy Pepperton travels the globe in search of a legendary sea creature and clues to her grandfather’s disappearance.
Pax et le petit soldat
par Pennypacker, Sara
Available at CELA in various audio formats
Love and loyalty between a lonely boy and a fox transcend distance, loss, and war.


L’invention de Hugo Cabret, roman en mots et en images
par Selznick, Brian
Classic – Movies/Inventions
When Hugo, an orphan living and repairing clocks within the walls of a Paris train station in 1931, meets a mysterious toyseller and his goddaughter, Hugo’s undercover life and his biggest secret are jeopardized. This classic tale revolves around a real life person named Georges Melies, a legendary French filmmaker who was influential in the early 1900s
C’est le but! L’histoire du hockey
par Winters, Jaime
Hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, but how and where did it start? This book explores the origins of hockey and its evolution into the game that is so well loved today, as well as how hockey has influenced our Canadian history and culture over the years.