French Book List

BC SRC 2017: Walk on the Wild Side!

Prepared by: Mehjabeen Ali, Surrey Libraries

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* NNELS and CELA provide access to audiobooks for people with perceptual or print disabilities.

Ages 3-5

Canada sports d’hiver
by Per-Henrik Gurth
Filled with popular winter sports and bright illustrations.
National Geographic Kids: En safari
by Gail Tuchman
What would you see on a safari? Meet your tour guide and get ready to be dazzled by amazing animals. You will see lions playing, rhinoceroses running, and more.
Spectacle animal
by Jill Eggleton

An elephant, a rabbit, and more animals in this easy reader.

L’âne Trotro a Trop Chaud
by Bénédicte Guettier
It’s a hot summer day and Trotro is going to do lots of fun things like enjoying a popsicle.
Pat sous la mer
by James Dean
Pete the Cat is off on another adventure. This time it’s scuba diving in the deep blue sea. He’s got his oxygen tank and his flippers on. He’s ready. He sees lots of sea life. A sea turtle, an octopus and even a globe fish. But what will it take to find a seahorse in all that water?

Ages 6-8

Mon Canada: La Columbie-Britannique, Le meilleur endroit de la Terre
by Kaite Goldsworthy
This book includes colourful photographs and topics such as the Gold Rush, wildlife, and forestry.
Archie le paresseux hyperactif
by Heath McKenzie
Leaping, dancing sloth Archie is sad because he is so different from the others sloths. While they don’t like him at first, they soon love him.
Blaireau et le terrible orage
by Suzanne Chiew
A group of cute animals get ready for a storm. They need to take care of the lettuce, there’s a bird house to get ready, and more. But where will Badger live after his home is destroyed?
Le petit chevalier qui n’aimait pas la pluie
by Gilles Tibo
This is the story of a little knight whose kingdom is on top of a forest. He loves cats and birds and he loves chocolate cake very very much. But when it rains for 39 days and 39 nights, his kingdom is left mostly stranded, crying and very hungry. How can he save them?

Ages 9-12

Les animaux du Canada
by Jessica Lupien
Celebrates Canada’s diverse range of animal and sea life through stunning photography and great descriptions. The heron, the beluga, the beaver, and the otter are some of the animals you will see in this book.
Fleurs des Champs
by Nicole Bustarret
This delightful book is neatly arranged with illustrations and descriptions of flowers. Includes sidebars with fascinating things such as flowers’ colours, heights and aromatic qualities.
La Foret
by James Gourier
A great book to learn about forests, it explores their geographies,  seasonal change, the wildlife calling forests home, and more.
Mon Imagier de Toute L’Année: 400 Photos au Fil du Temps: La Journée, Les Saisons, Les Fêtes …
by Milan Jeunesse
Filled with photographs of clothes, food, nature, and more, this book captures seasons, daily life, and special times in brightly coloured images and great descriptions.
Les saisons
by Pascale Hédelin
Explore the four seasons through so many things such as the foods we eat, fields of flowers, the solstice, and how animals respond with the coming of fall, winter, summer and spring. Beautiful pictures accompany great descriptions.
La mer
by Elisabeth Mauris
Walk along the seaside and learn how shells stay alive, or explore the Arctic Ocean and meet Inuit who cut holes in some icy areas to fish. Go by a busy sea port full of fishermen or explore a 2000 km reef in Australia. Packed with fascinating details about the sea.
La Pluie
by Honor Head
From how it is formed to droughts to monsoons, this book includes a range of topics about rain. The book also offers a glossary and an activities page.