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BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 1: On the Go!

Ages 3-5

The Canoe He Called Loo Taas
by Amanda Reid-Stevens (author)

Loo Taas is the amazing 50-foot canoe designed by legendary artist Bill Reid, and carved by members of the Haida community. Her name means “Wave Eater” in the Haida language. This is the story of how she came to be through the eyes of the designer’s daughter. This is the story of Loo Taas.

Fly Fly

by Daniel Anctil

With a dream-like quality, this book allows children to explore wild animals and birds common to the Pacific Northwest and the Rockies. It follows them from sunrise to sunset and presents various aspects of wildlife in a rhyming cadence children will love.

Hamsters on the Go

by Kass Reich

A board book featuring cute, lively hamsters that introduces babies and toddlers to modes of transportation.

Tomo Takes Flight

by Trevor Lei (Author – CA)

Tomo wants to build a machine to help him fly, but he can’t seem to get it right. When he discovers that a rare island bird is living right by his home, he studies the bird and realizes how to finish his invention! Together with his best friend, Maya, and expert tracking dog, Captain, Tomo learns to fly-logging the experience into his beloved adventure journal.

Mouse Vacation

by Philip Roy & Andrea Torrey Balsara

Happy the Pocket Mouse yearns for a vacation that will take them to Paris, New Zealand, Egypt or India, but Happy’s friend John counters with a visit to the river or the park. How’s a poor mouse to have any fun? Throughout, Happy’s adventures come truly alive in Andrea Torrey Balsara’s bright, humorous illustrations.

Ages 6-8

Scamper and the Airplane Thief

by Danielle Marcotte

A beautiful fall day for a flight over the Fraser River thinks Scamper, the seaplane. What could go wrong? Lots!

This Airplane can Dance

by Danielle Marcotte

Piper Super Cub is a little cargo plane who wants adventure. Max, the pilot’s son, has twin friends who just may have what Piper wants.

Justine McKeen, Walk the Talk

by Sigmund Brouwer

Justine has plans to start a walking school bus to help create a greener environment at her school, but not everyone trusts her ideas.

Thunder Creek Ranch

by Sonya Spreen Bates

Jake and Tommy are about to learn why their grandparents’ farm is called Thunder Creek Ranch.

Ages 9-12

  • Brilliant!

by Michelle Mulder

This illustrated book of nonfiction for middle-grades sheds light on innovative and sustainable energy sources. (Available in Audio and through CELA)

Railroad of Courage

by Dan Rubenstein & Nancy Dyson

Twelve-year-old Rebecca and her family make a daring escape from slavery on the Underground Railroad to Canada, led by the famous Harriet Tubman. Along the way, the family hides in coffins in the back of a hearse, rides a handmade raft through alligator-infested waters, and pumps hand cars across Illinois amidst a blizzard.

The Nor’Wester

by David Starr

A Scottish boy has to flee to Canada, where he is taken on by the North West Company in Montreal and is soon sent by brigade canoe across the country to Fort St. James. Here he joins Simon Fraser on his epic 1808 journey downriver to the Pacific — facing death, danger and treason along the way.

Last Chance Island

by Norma Charles

Fleeing from their village after it was torched by rebels, two African children are taken on board a smuggler’s boat and then abandoned on an island off Ireland, where a young Canadian girl must find a way to save them.

Journey to Atlantis

by Philip Roy

Alfred’s voyage in his homemade submarine takes him from his native Newfoundland into the Mediterranean in search of fabled Atlantis. Along the way, there are daring rescues at sea, the pursuit of illegal Spanish trawlers, an encounter with pirates, and a camel journey into the desert.

Run Marco, Run

by Norma Charles

When Marco Graham witnesses his father being kidnapped in a market in Buenaventura, Colombia, he decides that he must stowaway on a freighter headed north to Vancouver to find help in freeing his father. Marco has to evade drug dealers, security guards, the police and the “authorities” who would send him back to Colombia — straight into the arms of his father’s kidnappers.

  • Torn from Troy

by Patrick Bowman

Here is Homer’s Odyssey told from the point of view, not of the Greeks, but of a young Trojan youth who has been made a slave by Odysseus. On the voyage to Ithaca, Alexi must decide what his role will be when they meet the Cicones, the Lotus Eaters, and especially the Cyclops. (Available in Audio and through NNELS and CELA)

Hope’s Journey

by Jean Rae Baxter

In 1791, young Hope Cobman searches for her United Empire Loyalist family across a British North America still scarred by the aftermath of war.

Ages 12-18

  • Speed of Life

by J.M. Kelly (Author – BC)

Twins Crystal and Amber have the same goal: to be the first in their family to graduate high school and make something of their lives despite raising a baby in near-impoverished circumstances. Crystal applies to a college that offers a degree in automotive restoration, perfect for the car buff she is. When her secret goals threaten their once-certain plans, Crystal must make a choice: follow her dreams or stay behind and honor the promise she made to her sister. (Available in Audio and through CELA)



BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 2: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

Ages 3-5

An African Alphabet

by Eric Walters

Learn about African animals in this vibrant ABC book for babies and toddlers.

Bedtime 123

by Eric Walters

A counting board book that introduces little ones to all the animals around the farm that are going to bed.

So Many Babies

by Lorna Crozier

A rhyming, illustrated board book for babies that explores all of the places that baby animals may live, including forests, caves, jungles, burrows and beyond.

Who Can?

by Charles Ghigna

An illustrated hint-and-reveal board book filled with a variety of interesting animals.

After The Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)

by Dan Santat

Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat’s poignant tale follows Humpty Dumpty, an avid bird watcher whose favorite place to be is high up on the city wall – that is, until after his famous fall. Now terrified of heights, Humpty can longer do many of the things he loves most. Will he summon the courage to face his fear? After the Fall is a masterful picture book that will remind readers of all ages that Life begins when you get back up.

  • Dolphin SOS

by Roy Miki and Slavia Miki

Based on true events, Dolphin SOSrecounts the story of three dolphins trapped in an ice-covered cove on the coast of Newfoundland. After the authorities fail to provide assistance, some young people take matters into their own hands in order to save the distressed dolphins. (Available in Audio)

No Pets Allowed

by Irene Watts

When Matthew moves to the city from the country, he has to leave his dog Lucky behind. There are NO PETS ALLOWED in his new flat. An invisible dog Fred is a comfort – and a problem.

No Matter-What-Friend

by Kari-lynn Winters

No-Matter-What Friend tells the story of the special relationship between a boy and his old dog through rhyme.

The Mouse who Saved Egypt

by Karim Alrawi

A young prince rescues a tiny mouse in the desert. When a powerful enemy threatens Egypt, the mouse saves the kingdom in a most unexpected way.

  • How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied

by Jess Keating (CA)

Ana Wright’s social life is now officially on the endangered list: she lives in a zoo (umm, elephant droppings!?), her best friend lives on the other side of the world, and the Sneerers are making junior high miserable. All Ana wants is to fade into the background. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Jess Keating combines the quirky humor and animal-centric plots of Carl Hiaasen with the awkward adolescent antics of Lauren Myracle in this fresh new middle grade series! (Available in Audio and through NNELS)

Bug Girl

by Benjamin Harper and Sarah Hines, Anossha Syed (CA – Illustrator)

Amanda Price is teased at school and dubbed “Bug Girl,” because she loves bugs. Even her former best friend Emily thinks she’s weird. But teasing is the least of her problems. When giant monsters invade Oyster Cove, taking Amanda and Emily’s mothers captive, Amanda develops superhero powers characteristic of her favorite insects! Emily starts exhibiting powers as well, and they discover that their moms are the famous superheroes Dragonfly and Megawoman!

West Coast ABCs

by Josey Asnong

Jocey Asnong’s third board book teaches letter recognition while celebrating many familiar landmarks and habitats of coastal British Columbia. Climb with cougars in Cathedral Grove, glide down groomed hills at Grouse Mountain, soar with ravens over rainforests, and watch for whale tails at Wickaninnish Beach.

Ages 6-8

  • Taan’s Moons: A Haida Moon Story

by Alison Gear

This wonderfully engaging and thoughtful story is based on one version of the Haida moon cycle. It follows Taan (“bear” in the Haida language), as she experiences the wonder of the unfolding seasons. Illustrated by Kiki van der Heiden with the Children of Haida Gwaii (Audio and available through NNELS)

Why Does My Dog Smile?

by Danielle S. Marcotte

Spring is here in Greater Vancouver. Trees and bushes are in bloom. My dog Boris is playing next door. Why is he smiling?

A Bear’s Life

by Ian McAllister

This nonfiction picture book is full of stunning wildlife photographs of the bears of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.

Batcat and the Seven Squirrels

by Eric Walters

In this early chapter book, Nathan learns to care for seven orphaned baby squirrels with help from a stray neighborhood cat.

Wolf Island

by Ian McAllister

This nonfiction picture book is illustrated with stunning wildlife photographs and tells the story of a lone wolf who swims to an island in the Great Bear Rainforest.

  • Nannycatch Chronicles

by James Heneghan

A bit of black humour for kids who will appreciate the tongue-in-cheek tales of Uncle Possum in the Nannycatch Meadows. Poor Uncle Possum! Or should we say: poor animal folk of Nannycatch who have to put up with him. (Available in Audio)

Mouse Tales

by Philip Roy & Andrea Torrey Balsara

Happy the Pocket Mouse asks his friend John for stories to help him fall asleep. But when John begins telling him a number of stories from the Grimm brothers — stories that feature gingerbread houses, witches and ovens — instead of helping Happy to sleep, they keep him awake. See also Books 2–4 in the “Happy the Pocket Mouse” picture book series.

Ages 9-12

Birding for Kids a Guide to Finding, Identifying, and Photographing Birds in Your Area

by Damon Calderwood and Donald E. Waite

This action-packed guide, filled with colourful photos, fun projects, and creative tips for observing and photographing birds, has all the information you need for becoming a successful birder.


Pacific Tree Frogs

by Leslie E. Owens

Discover a year in the life of the endangered Pacific tree frog whose habitat reaches from San Diego to British Columbia. Exquisitely illustrated, this book transports children and teachers alike to an enchanted world.

Bug House Family Restaurant

by Beverley Brenna

The Bug House Family Restaurant serves up a delightful platter of poems featuring all kinds of creepy crawlers prepared by the most imaginative chefs. Try our beetle burgers, ladybug soup and order a Centipede-Ade to wash it down. How about our termite pie for dessert?

  • Black Dog Dream Dog

by Michelle Superle

When Sam finds a big black dog in her backyard, she wants to keep him but can’t let her mother find out. This is a story about a magical dog who changes Sam’s life in ways she never could have dreamed. (Available in Audio and through CELA)

Duke’s Den

by Becky Citra

In this middle-grade novel, Amelia finds a renewed sense of belonging when Duke, Gabriella and their menagerie of exotic rescued animals move into the apartment downstairs.


by Luanne Armstrong

A teenage girl involved in a car accident is battling paralysis and depression when she finds therapeutic horseback riding. Gradually with much encouragement and riding practice she regains the use of her legs — and a deep bond develops with Sand, a spirited rescue horse who has also been injured.

Jeannie and the Gentle Giants

by Luanne Armstrong

Jeannie is distraught after bring placed with foster parents when her mother becomes mentally ill. Through her friendship with two draft horses, Jeannie gains the maturity to become a source of strength for others.

  • Hannah & the Salish Sea

by Carol Anne Shaw

Poachers move into Cowichan Bay, forcing Hannah and Izzy, her new First Nations friend, and boyfriend Max, into a desperate struggle to save the lives of the endangered animals. (Available in Audio and through NNELS)

BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 3: On Your mark, Get Set, Go!

Ages 3-5

Lucy Tries Luge

by Lisa Bowes

Lucy overcomes her fears and learns to love luge, a winter sliding sport.

Lucy Tries Short Track

by Lisa Bowes

In this picture book and follow-up to Lucy Tries Luge, Lucy and her friends lace up their skates and try short track speed skating.

Lucy Tries Soccer

by Lisa Bowes

In this picture book and follow-up to Lucy Tries Short Track and Lucy Tries Luge, Lucy and her friends learn a few basic soccer skills as they prepare to face Team Red.

Crocodiles Play!

by Robert Heidbreder

Children will be thrilled to see what these silly crocodiles get up to when they play their favourite games

On My Bike

by Kari-Lynn Winters

Set in Vancouver, On My Walk features a young child learning to ride a bike. Come along on a whirling-twirling bicycle ride through the pathways and trails around the city!

On My Skis

by Kari-Lynn Winters

Set in the mountains overlooking Vancouver and its surroundings, this features a very young child learning to ski. Come along on this bumbling-tumbling snowy skiing adventure!

Ages 6-8

B is for Basketball

“This fantastic alphabet book is based on the All Native Basketball Tournament, which has been held each year in Prince Rupert for almost 60 years. It also includes a fun “Can You Spot It?” game and a Foreword by Governor General Award-Winning Artist Robert Davidson.”



Ages 9-12

Gang Tackle

by Eric Howling

In this high-interest sports novel, Jamal and his teammates take a stand against their new coach when his bullying and discrimination go too far.

Running on Empty

by Sonya Spreen Bates

In this high-interest sports novel for teens, Leon is devastated after an injury gets him bumped off the relay team.


by Sylvia Taekema

Jake is a dedicated young runner who is fed up with always getting second place.


by Terry Lynn Johnson (CA)

Eleven-year-old Travis and his family are on a whale watch off the coast of Washington when disaster strikes. The boat capsizes, throwing everyone into the ice-cold chaotic waves. Separated from their families and struggling to stay afloat, Travis and twelve-year-old Marina must use all of their grit and knowledge to survive.


by Suzy Lee

It starts with a line. Whether made by the tip of a pencil or the blade of a skate, the magic starts there. This seemingly simple story about a young skater on a frozen pond artistic has a lot to say about the process and the sometimes fine line between the joy of expression and lonely pursuit of craft.

Chasing a Star

by Norma Charles

When Sophie LaGrange decides that she must meet Barbara Ann Scott, Canada’s skating icon of the 1950s, little does she know that she will have to deal with the Satan’s Rebels, a dangerous motorcycle gang that is attempting to recruit Sophie’s brother and kidnap Barbara Ann.


BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 4: Go Go Gadget!

Ages 3 – 5

Timbertown Tales: Chester Gets a Pet!

by Judson Beaumont

Chester O’Drawers-Teakson wants a pet, but his parents don’t think he’s old enough yet. So Chester finds a way to prove to them that he’s ready and responsible. Then along comes Sandy. Is she a kitten? No. Is she a goldfish? Nope. But Sandy does have four legs and a lovely smooth finish! And now Chester realizes that maybe (just maybe) his parents were right…

  • Pikiq

by Yayo

In the far, far north, Pikiq finds paint, paintbrushes, and a book with pictures of tropical animals and far away places abandoned in the deep snow. Inspired, he draws fantastical creatures everywhere, and colour bursts onto the white landscape. (Available in Audio and through CELA and NNELS)


Ages 9-12

  • Submarine Outlaw

by Philip Roy

A young Newfoundland boy teams up with a junkyard genius to build a submarine that he sails around the Maritimes. High-speed chases, daring rescues and treasure hunting ensue — showing how any great goal in life takes patience, determination and hard work. (Available in Audio)

The Kingdom of Now Worries

by Philip Roy

During their summer vacation, three boys find a newly created island in the middle of a river and invent their own “kingdom” with its principles of tolerance and freedom, attracting hundreds to their utopia — until the police arrive to evict them, and the boys face a difficult decision.

The Sphere of Septimus

By Simon Rose

Eric isn’t happy when he has to spend the summer with his eccentric father, Septimus Trinket, in the backwater village of Middle Wogglehole, deep in the heart of rural Derbyshire. After they discover Septimus’ shocking secret, Eric and Jessica must fight for their livers against powerful evil forces – in a world very different to their own.

Secret Coders

by Grene Luen Yang

Welcome to Stately Academy, a school which is just crawling with mysteries to be solved! The founder of the school left many clues and puzzles to challenge his enterprising students. Using their wits and their growing prowess with coding, Hopper and her friend Eni are going to solve the mystery of Stately Academy no matter what it takes! This is the first book in a series by graphic novel superstar Gene Luen Yang.

  • Mae and June and the Wonder Wheel

by Charise Mericle Harper (CA – Author), Ashley Spires (CA-Illustrator)

In this chapter book for young readers, June is thrilled to get a new neighbor: Mae! Soon the two of them are best friends and are having adventures determined by the Wonder Wheel that they spin each morning. Whether it’s pretending to be a dog for a day or collecting things that are blue, the girls never know what each day will bring. (Available in Audio)

BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 5: Blast Off!

Ages 9-12

Elliott’s Guide to Dinosaurs

by Elliott Seah

What did the world look like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? Eight-year-old author Elliott Seah took it upon himself to find out, and in his first book, he takes readers on a fact-filled exploration of these amazing animals from our planet’s distant past. With lively illustrations, Elliott provides fascinating answers to important questions about where dinosaurs came from, what they ate, how they lived, and how a mass extinction brought their time on Earth to an end. Helpful extras include resources for further reading and a list of Elliott’s recommended museums with dinosaur collections. Additional Background: Yes, this book was written by a dinosaur obsessed 8-year old (and vetted by a Paleontologist). This lends opportunity for great discussion and activities including having kids make their own books. (Could also be used for Shake, Rattle, and Roll! – Animals and insects)

Castle in the Stars: The Space race of 1869

by Alex Alice

In search of the mysterious element known as aether, Claire Dulac flew her hot-air balloon toward the edge of our stratosphere—and never returned. One year after her disappearance, her son and husband receive a tantalizing clue: a letter from an unknown sender who claims to have Claire’s lost logbook. The letter summons them to a Bavarian castle, where an ambitious young king dreams of flying the skies in a ship powered by aether. But within the castle walls, danger lurks—there are those who would stop at nothing to conquer the stars.

The Journal

by Lois Donovan

Thirteen-year-old Kami, a Japanese-Canadian girl, is thrown back in time to 1929, where she encounters racism and ends up working as a domestic for Emily Murphy of the “Famous Five.” On her return to the present, Kami must come to terms, not only with her own heritage, but how she views the rights of all persons.

  • Hannah and the Spindle Whorl

by Carol Anne Shaw

When Hannah finds a beautiful old Salish spindle whorl in a cave, little does she know that she will soon be back in time amid its original owners — with a mystic raven, a fearsome Sasquatch and European settlers who are about to bring devastation to the First Nations people. (Available in Audio and through NNELS)

Shadows of Disaster

by Cathy Beveridge

Twelve-year-old Jolene is sent back in time to the year 1903 in the coal-mining town of Frank, Alberta. Disguised as a boy, she finds herself fleeing from Canada’s deadliest rockslide.

The Doomsday Mask

by Simon Rose

In a desperate race against time, Josh and Erica must prevent the mask of Kulkaan from falling into the hands of the shadowy Crystalline Order, in order to save the world from catastrophe.

The Alchemist’s Portrait

by Simon Rose

On a school trip to the museum, Matthew has an eerie meeting with Peter Glimmer, a 17th-century Dutch boy imprisoned in his own portrait. Peter Glimmer entrusts Matthew with recovering from the past the one thing that can save the world. Encountering magic, mayhem and murder, Matthew ends up in a desperate race back through time in order to save the future.

Ages 12-18

Fractured: Happily Never After 3 Tales

by Joanna Karaplis

Joanna Karaplis puts an unexpected spin on Snow White, Cinderella, and the Little Mermaid…she quietly fractures the original fairytales and then reassembles them for the 21st Century. So, while there may not be a whole lot of horse-drawn carriages and magic potions, you can be sure that there will be at least one evil witch and maybe even a handsome prince, or two….

Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling

by Tony Cliff (CA)

Globetrotting troublemaker Delilah Dirk and her loyal friend Selim are just minding their own business, peacefully raiding castles and traipsing across enemy lines, when they attract the unwanted attention of the English Army. Before they know it, Delilah and Selim have gotten themselves accused of espionage against the British crown! The perfect graphic novel for any reader looking for a smart, brave heroine and globetrotting adventures.



BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 6: Bust a Move!

Ages 9-12

The journey Forward, A Novella on Reconciliation: When we Play our Drums, They Sing!

by Richard Van Camp

Twelve-year-old Dene Cho is angry that his people are losing their language, traditions, and ways of being. Elder Snowbird is there to answer some of Dene Cho’s questions, and to share their history including the impact Residential schools continue to have on their people. It is through this conversation — and an initial drum session with Snowbird — that Dene Cho begins to find himself, and he starts to realize that understanding the past can ultimately change the future.

Swan: The Life and Dance of Anna Pavlova

by Laurel Snyder (Author) Julie Morstad (CA-Illustrator)

One night, young Anna’s mother takes her to the ballet, and everything is changed. So begins the journey of a girl who will one day grow up to be the most famous prima ballerina of all time, inspiring legions of dancers after her: the brave, the generous, the transcendently gifted Anna Pavlova. This heartbreakingly beautiful picture book biography captures the meaning of Anna’s extraordinary life.

Zombelina School Days

by Kristyn Crow

The only thing Zombelina loves as much as dancing is going to school! When it’s time for show and tell, her new friend, Morty, experiences a terrible case of stage fright . . . something Zombelina knows all about. Zombelina has an idea to help Morty work through his jitters-a big dance party! After all, friends who dance together, stay together!

  • Time for Flowers, Time for Snow

by Glen Huser

The Greek goddess of harvest Demeter loves her daughter Persephone very much. So when Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, ruler of the underworld, and taken as his bride, Demeter’s sadness brings on the winter snow. When the crops fail, Zeus sends his messenger Hermes to negotiate Persephone’s release, but things get complicated when Persephone takes a liking to her captor. The book includes a CD of the lyrics performed as an opera choral by school children of Montreal. Monty Python’s Terry Jones narrates the text on the CD. (Available in Audio)

  • The Golden Touch

by Glen Huser

In The Golden Touch, the team that created the children’s operetta and picture book Time for Flowers and Time for Snow tackles the myth of King Midas—again with songs and laughs and touching drama. Monty Python’s Terry Jones reads award-winning writer Glen Huser’s retelling of the classic tale of the foolish king whose lust for gold nearly costs him his family and his life. (Available in Audio)

The Flute

by Rachna Gilmore

Her parents swept away by a catastrophic flood, Chandra finds solace in her mother’s magic flute. Set in India, The Flute is an enchanting tale of the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit.

Ages 12-18

Across the Floor

by Natasha Deen

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, football player Luc is forced to take a dance class, where he discovers an unexpected new passion.


by Roben Stevenson

Fitting in at her new ballet school turns out to be more painful for Cassie than breaking in a pair of pointe shoes.

Big Time

by Tom Ryan

Gerri dreams of making it big as a singer on her favorite reality show, but she hasn’t counted on being kicked off early in the competition.

Billboard Express

by Sigmund Brouwer

This high-interest novel for teen readers is set in Nashville, where Elle, a talented musician, tries to make it in the cutthroat music business.

Breaking Big

by Penny Draper

When another ballet dancer’s injury lands him a major role, mischief-loving Robin must face his friend’s jealousy and the biggest challenge of his dance career in this novel for teens.

  • He Who Dreams

by Melanie Florence

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, a soccer star surprises everyone by signing up for Indigenous dance classes. (Available in Audio and through CELA)

High Note

by Jeff Ross

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Hailey and her best friend compete for a part in an opera.



by Patricia McCowan

Nat hopes her trio will win a chance to sing at a big music festival, but first she has to learn to trust her own voice.

Off Pointe

by Leanne Lieberman

Meg lives for ballet and doesn’t like to try new things, so a summer at dance camp learning new styles proves challenging.

Rock the Boat

by Sigmund Brouwer

Webb thinks he has what it takes to make it in Nashville, but one shady music producer may have the power to crush Webb’s dreams.


by Kari Jones

In this short novel for middle readers, a famous belly dancer invites Lila to join her prestigious studio, and Lila must decide whether to leave the dance teacher and troupe she loves.

Strings Attached

by Diane Dakers

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Brielle steps into the role of principal cellist when her best friend is injured.

The Frail Days

by Gabrielle Prendergast

Stella and her newly formed band must decide whether to change their edgy rock sound to get into a conservative summer music festival.

Totally Unrelated

by Tom Ryan

When Neil starts to compose and play his own music, it conflicts with the traditional Celtic music he performs with his family’s band.

True Blue

by Sigmund Brouwer

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, country singer Elle discovers the downside to fame.

Warm Up

by Sara Leach

Jasmine’s dance team is falling apart just before a competition, and it’s up to Jasmine to figure out a way to bring the team together.

BC SRC 2018: Motion Commotion!

Booklist, Theme 7: Lights, Camera, Action!

Ages 3 – 5

Go Away, Unicorn!

by Emily Mullock

Alice never wanted a unicorn. So when a unicorn shows up at her birthday party, she’s really not impressed. No one needs a houseful of pink glitter, right? But the unicorn thinks that Alice is pretty awesome, and knows that they are going to be the best friends ever. And here’s the thing about unicorns…they can be very, very convincing. And very, very funny! From animator Emily Mullock comes a delightful story about magical friendships. Big news! Production has begun on a kids’ series based on Go Away, Unicorn! The series is produced by Sonar for the Disney Channel US, Corus, and Disney networks in multiple territories. The show will be released in Fall 2018.

Ages 9-12


by Ted Stuanton

In this middle-grade novel, Spencer ends up in the middle of a War of 1812 re-enactment.

Ages 12-18

  • Coda

by Ted Staunton

When Spencer’s brother, Bunny, is kidnapped in Toronto, Spencer is forced to deal with fallout from their grandfather’s murky past. (Available in Audio and through NNELS)

Cut the Lights

by Karen Krossing

Briar has been chosen to direct a one-act play at her performing arts high school, but she learns there’s more to it than imposing her vision on the actors.

  • Jump Cut

by Ted Staunton

Spencer, an aspiring filmmaker, takes a trip to Buffalo to get a kiss from an aging movie star. (Available in audio and through NNELS and CELA)

Pop Quiz

by Tom Ryan

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Aiden tries to save his TV show from being canceled.




by Ted Stuanton

In this high-interest novel for teen readers, Spencer is commissioned to create a music video for a blues-rap band.

Lights, Camera, Cook!

by Charise Mericle Harper (CA)

It’s “lights, camera, cook!” for four tween contestants-energetic Tate, charming Rae, worldly Caroline, and hyper-competitive Oliver-who are all about to enter a televised cooking competition. What will the kids cook up? How will they all get along on and off camera? Which junior chef will have the grit-and maybe the grits-to make it through each elimination challenge? And which junior chef will have to hang their apron up for good?