Parent and Caregiver’s Page

For 2018, we’ve introduced a “Caregiver’s Page”. This page provides general information on the BC SRC, as well as simple explanations on how to join the program. Currently, it is available in French and English, with plans to translate into multiple languages. This page will exist year round on the Staff site (Information for Caregivers/Information pour les aidants) and be linked annually to the Kids’ site (Info for Grownups/Pour les grands).












If you think of something this page should include, by all means send me a note!

The 2018 Kids’ Site!

If you haven’t already visited this year’s kids’ site, be sure to move on over to!

Once again, thanks to the incredible efforts of Shayne Letain and Neil Firkins, a bunch of “Motion Commotion!” is happening over at! Children and their families are invited to join in the fun by visiting their local library. As well, at, they have lots of options for interaction, for creativity, and to develop their literacy and digital literacy skills.

Meet Team Motion Commotion’s Leo DaVinci and J-Cat






Visit Leo’s Lab







The French page is accessible via a direct link in the top right-hand corner, above the menu bar. (When on the French page, the English link is in the same location.)



Links across the bottom include the Colouring Sheets, Booklists (coming), the DIY t-shirt images, and the staff site.

Leo’s Creator Club
In Leo’s Creator’s Club children are invited to write a story or draw a picture and submit to the site.






Some of the prompts include:

  1. Imagine that you are an inventor of Movement Machines! What would you invent? Describe your invention and how it works.
  2. Imagine your perfect laboratory or creation space. Describe it in a story!
  3. What do you like to make most? Short stories? Comics? Drawings? Animation? Movies?
    Leo wants to see what you make!

This is a perfect activity to share with teachers in your communities looking for a fun end-of-year activity that bridges the connection between school and the Summer Reading Club.

Each submission is reviewed for content, and then usually published on the site within 24 hours (or less). For more info on our Guiding Principles for approving submissions to please see the last section under “About Us” on the Staff Site.

The Manual and Downloads

The Manual

Our amazing Co-Chairs Emily Olsen (TNRD) and Jennifer Lee (VPL), along with our fantastic team of Content Creators: Mehjabeen Ali and SPL, Anne Martin and VPL, Wiena Groenewold and FVRL, Susan McCowan and Meghan Ross and TNRD, and Tina Lee and BPL, Julie Carter and VIRL, have worked hard to put together 7 weeks worth of motion-commotion-filled fun.

You’ll find the programs, activities, and booklists here or visit > Manual. We are so incredibly fortunate to have these skilled and generous people on our team! 

The Downloads

Lots of wonderful treasures for your own promotion await you here  ( > Downloads) including images, icons, this year’s logo and font (“Rumble Brave Vintage”!), icons, report card stuffers in French and English, and much,, much more!

“Le Tumulte En Mouvement!”

Thanks to the Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, BC children and their families will be able to join in some “Le Tumulte En Mouvement!” (i.e. “Motion Commotion!”) We are once again delighted to tell you that the BC SRC Core Print materials are available in English and French:

  • poster (one side English; one side French) 
  • reading Record (English cover on one side; French cover on the other)
  • bookmarks (both languages on bookmarks)

As well, we have a thematic French booklist and French downloadable letters for parents, schools, media, etc. available from the Downloads page. You’ll want to be sure to advise the French Immersion families and teachers in your community! 

Increasing Inclusion and Accessibility

A special thanks to our Consultant, Dr. Tess Prendergast, and Inclusion Reviewer, Lucinda Murray. Lucinda reviewed the 2018 Manual and offered ideas and suggestions to increase the accessibility and inclusion of the programs and activities.

In addition, they have provided us with some excellent general guidelines which we have also included here:

  • Be aware that your audience will always include children of varying abilities.
  • Feel comfortable to mix ’n match activities based on the needs and abilities of the children participating.
  • Let Summer Students and/or Volunteers know it’s OK to adapt a program/activity.
  • When possible, include (good!) books that feature children of different abilities and backgrounds.
  • Normalize accommodations and/or participation of a child’s caregiver with phrases such as “You can do this activity by yourself or with a partner”. 
  • If an activity includes the use of plants (or a substance that may cause an allergic reaction), you may wish to include this info ahead of time to give people advance notice

Booklists with Audio Format Icons

Once again our awesome Web Guy, Neil Firkins, has made our booklists conveniently accessible for anyone wishing to listen to their summer reading. A yellow headphone icon indicates whether a book is available in audio format. As titles become available through NNELS and CELA, a blue or green headphone icon will be added.



Neil has also added a direct link at the top of each booklist to both the NNELS and CELA sites, so staff and patrons can easily learn about the resources available for people with perceptual and print disabilities. 

A Tour of the 2018 BC SRC Print Materials

Filled with great colours, delightful humour, and loads of action, this year’s fantastic artwork is by Jeff Solway (  Drawing on his  skills as a video game artist, Jeff has brought this year’s theme of movement to life in Motion Commotion! 

The Poster and Bookmarks

Skateboards, roller blades, one-wheeled vehicles, jet propulsion…  you name it, these cats are in motion! At the centre of all the commotion, is Leo, Director of Invention. With the help of his Co-Motion Manager “J”, he likes nothing more than to see one of the  team’s inspirations take wing…or wheel! 

In this world of Motion Commotion, there is room for every kind of movement — physical and mechanical, indoors and outdoors, alone and with friends, independently and with a little help! 


The Reading Record and Stickers

The cover of the 2018 Reading Record echoes the poster, inviting children and their families to join in the fun!

Inside the reading record, weekly panels map out the creative process of Leo and Team Motion-Commotion. They begin with an inspiration which they turn into a concept. From there, they draft a design and then build their prototype. Then it’s time for testing (and often a few failures!), until finally, success! 

On the back of each of the seven weekly panels there is room for kids to log their daily reading by recording titles, pages, or minutes read, or simply by colouring the bars or delightful icons. 

At the bottom of each of the seven weekly panels is room for a sticker. The sticker panel features seven cats in motion! OK, six cats in motion and one on a lunch break! 😉


Activity Card: Pop-out Cards

Each card contains two characters ready to pop-out of the perforated card and join in the action! The strong black and white outlines make them perfect for colouring. They come with a handle and can easily be slipped through a perforated slot in the reading record, giving each child the opportunity to create a little Motion Commotion of their own!  As always, Activity Cards may be used in any way that best suits your community — handed out to each child who participates, given out as prizes for programs or community events, or used as part of a self-directed program activity.