New and Improved Downloads Page!

Our amazing web guy, Neil Firkins, has completely overhauled the Downloads page. As in previous years, you will find downloadable graphics and Word files to assist you in creating promotional pieces. Now they are laid out in an easy to view chart, letting you see exactly what is available in which file types. If there is something you need that you don’t see, let me know. There’s a good chance we can add it!

You may also have noticed a new tab on the Staff Site: Archive. Neil has gathered all of the past BC SRC websites (Staff and Kids’) and put them in one convenient location. Makes it super easy (and fun!) to look up past SRC’s!

Quick Guide to SRC Booklist Icons

More SRC-goodness from our amazing web guy, Neil Firkins! He has added some super-useful icons to this year’s booklists (found under the Manual tab

A flag icon lets you know immediately if a title is by a BC or Canadian author. (Many thanks to NVDPL’s Allison Taylor-McBride for her help with this!).

In addition, a yellow headphone icon indicates whether a book is available in audio format, making it easy for anyone wishing to listen to their summer reading! As titles become available through NNELS and CELA, a blue or green headphone icon will be added.

Neil has also added a direct link at the top of each booklist to both the NNELS and CELA sites, so staff and patrons can easily learn about the resources available for people with perceptual and print disabilities.

Report Card Stuffer

Our designer Roger Handling has created a customizable document for libraries to promote their specific programs and Summer Reading Club events. (Many thanks to VPL’s Nathalie Patel for her input on this!) The Report Card Stuffer is available in both English and French. You can find it under the Downloads tab:


Increasing Inclusion and Accessibility

A special thanks to our consultant Tess Prendergast. Under her guidance, the Inclusion Review Team (Emma Rumley, Lucinda Murray, Meredith Temple) reviewed the 2017 Manual and offered ideas and suggestions to increase the accessibility and inclusion of the programs and activities. In addition, they have provided us with some excellent general guidelines which we have also included here:
-Be aware that your audience will always include children of varying abilities.
-Feel comfortable to mix ’n match activities based on the needs and abilities of the children
-Let Summer Students and/or Volunteers know it’s OK to adapt a program/activity.
-When possible, include (good!) books that feature children of different abilities and backgrounds.
Normalize accommodations and/or participation of a child’s caregiver with phrases such as “You can do
this activity by yourself or with a partner”.
If an activity includes the use of plants (or a substance that may cause an allergic reaction), you may
wish to include this info ahead of time to give people advance notice

Bonjour BC SRC!

We are delighted to announce that the 2017 BC SRC Core Print materials will be available in English and French:
-poster (one side English; one side French)
-reading Record (English cover on one side; French cover on the other)
-bookmarks (both languages on bookmarks)
-activity card (both languages on card)
As well, we have a thematic French booklist and French downloadable letters for parents, schools, media, etc. available from the website You’ll want to be sure to advise the French Immersion families and teachers in your community!

The addition of French to our Core Print Materials and our Parent/School support materials marks Phase One of increasing language accessibility to the BC SRC. Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, in 2017, children and their families will be able to “Walk on the Wild Side!” and to “Balade dans la nature sauvage!”

Walk on the Wild Side! with the 2017 BC SRC

Vivid, filled with life, and inspired by her own deeply personal connection to nature, this year’s gorgeous artwork is by Darlene Gait ( Combining her incredible skill as an artist with her ability to pay attention and look more closely at the world around her, Darlene has done a fantastic job of realizing this year’s theme of Walk on the Wild Side!

The Poster

Peering through a gap in an old brick wall is a curious (and incredibly cute!) Racoon. In the background, we can see a city scape — grey buildings set against blue water and blue mountains. Through the gap is a verdant world filled with a variety of BC animals, all illustrated in exquisite detail. Look closely and you’ll spot a wolf, spider, a raven, a marmot and many others — along with some deliciously ripe-looking blackberries!

You can almost see our Raccoon’s nose quiver in anticipation! Adventure, beauty, discovery, wonderful encounters, new friends — all these and more await when you “Walk on the Wild Side!”

The Reading Record and Stickers

The cover of the 2017 Reading Record echoes the poster and, along with our adorable Raccoon, invites children and their families to explore the natural world all around them, wherever they live!

Inside the reading record, a pathway opens up into a panorama of British Columbia landscapes. In each environment kids can spot a BC animal. Darlene has purposely chosen several animals listed as At-Risk or Endangered. Can you spot the Little Brown Myotis? (Hint: it’s hanging in the cave!) Don’t worry, we’ll have the names of the animals on the kids’ website for any budding naturalists to reference!

As always, on the back of each of the seven weekly panels there is room for kids to log their daily reading by recording titles, pages, or minutes read, or simply by colouring the delightful icons.

The sticker panel features seven BC animals: our adventurous Raccoon in the centre, surrounded by Raven, Wolf, Bear, Lynx, Northern Leopard Frog.

Activity Card: Draw Yourself in Nature

This year’s activity card encourages children to “draw themselves in nature”. A folding “stand” at the bottom of the card makes it possible for kids to take their “mini-me” figure for a Walk on the Wild Side of their reading record! And if they want some company, pop-out figures of a raccoon and a deer are available to join them! Instructions are provided on the back of the card.

T-shirts and Medals

This year features our delightful Raccoon on a Forest Green t-shirt. It’s available in Adult, Youth and Ladies styles. The ribbon colour for this year’s medal is a royal blue. Think: ribbons of blue water running through a forest!

Walk on the Wild Side in 2017!

Dig out your hiking boots, polish your binoculars, and get ready for a Walk on the Wild Side in 2017!

The theme for the 2017 BC Summer Reading Club is… “Walk on the Wild Side!”

Seven weekly sub-themes have been selected to use as inspiration for your programs, activities, displays and contests:

  1. Cougars and Otters and Ravens, oh my! (all things animals)
  2. Explora the Flora (plants, trees, flowers)
  3. Spot Nature’s Magic (seasons, camouflage, metamorphosis)
  4. Beautiful British Columbia (mountains, valleys, parks)
  5. Weather Watchers (clouds, rain, snow)
  6. Go Fish! (sea life, shorelines, fish)
  7. Tales of Nature (nature traditions and legends) 

We are thrilled to tell you that Darlene Gait is the 2017 BC Summer Reading Club artist!

Darlene Gait is an Aboriginal artist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She is a member of Esquimalt Nation the first people of Victoria, BC Canada.

Darlene grew up on a farm near the Englishman River in Errington, Vancouver Island. There she and her two sisters were responsible for taking care of the family’s goats, geese, chickens and rabbit, and weeding the huge garden. When school let out for the summer, Darlene divided her time between painting in her room and exploring the outdoors, along with her dog, and her horse/best-friend, Dusty.

Darlene credits her Grandmother Cooper as the most significant creative inspiration in her life. It was the stories her grandmother told her, stories about the history of the Aboriginal side of her family, that set her on the path to becoming an illustrator and painter. 

Darlene began painting as a child and excelled in graphics, illustration and wild life painting after graduating from Vancouver Island University in 1999. Known for her portraits of Aboriginal women and children, many of her paintings reflect unity between Nations and non-Native people and produce a connection to strength of history and culture. Her design featuring the cultural legend of Orca transitioning to Wolf appears on the new BC Ferries vessel, Salish Orca on the Comox — Powell River route. One Moon Gallery, located in the heart of Esquimalt Nation, is home to Darlene’s entire collection of artwork, which displays limited edition prints and original paintings for public to view.

Darlene’s beautiful picture books include Secret of the DanceWho is In Maxine’s Tree?Catching SpringSoapstone Signs, the second part, “Soapstone Porcupine” is coming out next spring (Orca Books). Her work is vivid, filled with life, and inspired by her own deeply personal connection to nature  — a perfect match for this year’s theme “Walk on the Wild Side”.

To learn more about Darlene and her work, please visit her website Darlene is available for library visits this summer. You may reach her at

Many thanks go out to the amazing team members who each contribute to making this program a huge success throughout the province:

Emily Olsen of Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System (Committee Chair)               Kate Adams of Richmond Public Library (Past Committee Chair)                                                 Victor Or and Surrey Public Library (Content Creator)                                                                     Anne Martin and Vancouver Public Library (Content Creator)
iena Groenewold and Fraser Valley Regional Library (Content Creators)
Susan McCowan and Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System (Content Creator)         Morgan Churchill and Fort St. John Public Library (Content Creator)
Tina Lee and Burnaby Public Library (Content Creator)
Julie Carter and Vancouver Island Regional Library (Content Creator)
Roger Handling, Terra Firma Digital Arts (Graphic Designer)
Neil Firkins, (Web Design)
Shayne Letain Rain in Spain Creative Studios (Kids’ Site)
Mari Martin, Director, Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education
Scott Leslie and BC Libraries Cooperative
Michael Burris and the staff at InterLINK
Cassie McFadden, Office Manager, BCLA
Angie Ayupova, Admin Assistant, BCLA
Annette DeFaveri, Executive Director, BCLA 

The BC Summer Reading Club is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and public libraries throughout British Columbia, with generous support from the Province of British Columbia, through Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education, and the RBC Foundation.

Our “Walk on the Wild Side!” booklists and program suggestions will be available early next year on the BC SRC

If you have questions, comments or suggestions about the BC Summer Reading Club, we would love to hear from you! Please contact Emily Olsen, the BC SRC Chair, at: or Cynthia Ford, the Provincial Co-ordinator, BC SRC, at:

Please feel free to distribute this announcement throughout your networks!


Emily Olsen

Committee Chair, BC SRC

Patron Delighted By SRC display at NVDPL


My name is Michelle Callaghan and I am the Children’s Librarian/Assistant Branch Manager at the Capilano branch of the North Vancouver District Public Library.

I wanted to share the following lovely story:

Recently, we had an elderly patron who has been walking around the children’s area at our branch. She made the comment to myself and another colleague that she loved looking at the displayed banners and pillars that have been decorated with the BC SRC participants names and drawings. She said she had spent some extra time wandering around the children’s area just looking at the decorations, artwork and children’s art for Summer Reading Club, saying it was so beautiful and cheerful, and she was delighted that it was something everyone walking in to the library space could enjoy!

Thank you for the opportunity to share this story,


Medals needed

Hi, the  Summer Reading Program in Fort Nelson has been amazing so far this year! The kids are enjoying the theme and all of our stations and activities. We’ve had such a great turnout that we’re going to be about 10 medals short so we’re hoping someone has some extras they might be able to share.

Thank you!

Julia Stidolph

Phone 250-774-6777 email



Congratulations to the following people for being the first 3 to enter the 2017 BC SRC Community Story Award. They will each receive a beautiful SRC Notebook!

Deb Turney Zagwyn, Powell River Public Library
Selina Powszedny, Squamish Public Library
Sarah Barton-Bridges, Powell River Public Library

Have a story to tell? Please send it in an email to, subject line: SRC Community Story Award.

Want an SRC Notebook? Please go here: