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The Manual and Downloads

The Manual

Our amazing Co-Chairs Emily Olsen (TNRD) and Jennifer Lee (VPL), along with our fantastic team of Content Creators: Mehjabeen Ali and SPL, Anne Martin and VPL, Wiena Groenewold and FVRL, Susan McCowan and Meghan Ross and TNRD, and Tina Lee and BPL, Julie Carter and VIRL, have worked hard to put together 7 weeks worth of motion-commotion-filled fun.

You’ll find the programs, activities, and booklists here or visit > Manual. We are so incredibly fortunate to have these skilled and generous people on our team! 

The Downloads

Lots of wonderful treasures for your own promotion await you here  ( > Downloads) including images, icons, this year’s logo and font (“Rumble Brave Vintage”!), icons, report card stuffers in French and English, and much,, much more!

“Le Tumulte En Mouvement!”

Thanks to the Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, BC children and their families will be able to join in some “Le Tumulte En Mouvement!” (i.e. “Motion Commotion!”) We are once again delighted to tell you that the BC SRC Core Print materials are available in English and French:

  • poster (one side English; one side French) 
  • reading Record (English cover on one side; French cover on the other)
  • bookmarks (both languages on bookmarks)

As well, we have a thematic French booklist and French downloadable letters for parents, schools, media, etc. available from the Downloads page. You’ll want to be sure to advise the French Immersion families and teachers in your community! 


Here you will find downloadable graphics and Word files to assist you in creating promotional pieces. For additional material refer to the Manual page.

Note to libraries:   You are welcome to use any of the files below for your promotion of the BC Summer Reading Club. Please be certain to acknowledge our artist, Darlene Gait, when using his illustrations. If you require any graphic file formats that are not here, please email us with the specifics.

Note to performers and entertainers:   You are welcome to create a show based on the annual BC SRC theme and to use any of the files below for your promotional materials, with the exception of the logo which is available for library-use only. As the BC SRC is careful not to appear to endorse specific performers/entertainers, we respectfully request you avoid any implication of endorsement by or affiliation with BCLA and/or the BC Summer Reading Club. In all instances, we ask that you clearly acknowledge our artist, Lee Edward Födi.

JPG Files:

PDF Files:
Note: All PDF files are either in print-ready or in vector graphics format.

EPS Files:

TIF Files:

Web Quiz:

Other Material

Misc. PDF Files:

  • Reading Record Supplement
  • Read-to-Me
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Colouring Sheets: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Colouring Sheets: All 7 sheets in one PDF file
  • Complete Manual as a Single PDF file (??MB)


This year’s font is:

sensaLower case may be downloaded for free here:  (See bottom of page: Download 2 free fonts.)

Full font may be purchased here: 

Theme title (stand alone) under EPS Files.

Word Documents:

The Value of Summer Reading
Letters in multiple languages for parents

Note: If you are having difficulty downloading these PDFs, try enabling pop-ups in your browser.