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Your Quick & Handy Reference guide to BC SRC essentials!

Hi Everyone,

The BC SRC is in full swing! Here’s a quick and handy reference guide to your SRC essentials: 

Too many/too few Reading Records? The BC SRC Exchange Blog to the rescue!

The SRC Exchange Blog lives at Notify other libraries that you are running low on something (Materials Wanted!) and/or that you have extra materials to share (Materials Available!). As you know, this allows us to be a whole lot more flexible in matching materials to shifting demographics!

The SRC contact at your library should have login info.) If you can’t find it or never received it, just let me know and I’ll resend it. Also, libraries are welcome to have more than one contributor. If you or someone in your library would like to be added as a contributor, just send me an email!

How to Post to the Blog

Here’s instructions how:

Kids’ Summer Stories to Read!

Everyday, over at our amazing interactive kids’ site, children from throughout the province are writing and submitting their stories. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to visit and check out the stories — delightful!

Your Summer Stories to Tell!!

It’s not too early to be thinking about entering the BC SRC Community Story Award! Tell us a story about the way the BC SRC impacts you or your community and you might win attendance at the 2018 BCLA Conference! 

For more info, visit: Send your story to with the subject line: SRC Community Story Award.

Show us SRC at your library!

Have any great SRC-pics to share? We’d love to see them! You can post them on the SRC Blog ( or tweet them to @BC_SRC (hashtag #bcsrc)  

Download Goodness

Be sure to checkout the goodness waiting for you at the Downloads page of the staff website: All kinds of wonderful and useful things live there including Colouring Sheets, DIY iron-on transfer for t-shirts, a Certificate of Completion, a Reading Record Supplement for those voracious readers… And much, much more!

Happy summer reading!

Walking on the Wild Side at the 2017 BCLA Conference!

What a great time we had at the BCLA Conference! As always, it was a treat to see old friends and put faces to email addresses. Although this year’s chair, TNRD’s Emily Olsen, was unfortunately unable to attend Conference, Incoming Chair, VPL’s Jennifer Lee and Outgoing Chair, RPL’s Kate Adams were on hand to welcome conference delegates to the 2017 BC SRC: Walk on the Wild Side!

VPL’s Jennifer Lee and RPL’s Kate Adams

On display was this year’s gorgeous artwork by  Darlene Gait! Jenn Lee’s stunning cut-outs of BC foliage added a wonderful wild-ness to the SRC booth!

We were thrilled when Darlene generously donated the original painting of the poster for the Conference. In recent years, our SRC artists have worked digitally so it was pretty exciting to see the artwork IRL!

VPL’s Jenn Lee beside original painting for 2017 BC SRC poster by Darlene Gait. Done in ink, coloured Pantone pencil, and gauche; measures 12 x 24″.

Everyone was invited to try the SRC Quiz Conference Edition, created once again by our brilliant Quiztress, Randi Robin. Prizes included a bottle of BC wine and an adorable thematically-correct Folkmanis Raccoon puppet. Stay tuned later this summer, when the SRC Quiz Conference Edition will appear here on this blog, for you to try!

An oversized reading record and some crayons provided an opportunity to explore drawing skills with the Draw Yourself in Nature Activity cards. (Most of us decided we’d best stick with our day jobs! 😉 )

A ballot box invited people to vote for their favourite theme for 2019. They were asked to choose from a shortlist (the top contenders from last year’s poll). 

The possible 2019 themes include:

  1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  2. Mysteries
  3. Imagination/Art

If you haven’t yet voted, please do so here! (So far, it’s a very close race!) Voting is open till Monday, June 19th.

If you didn’t make it to Conference this year, we missed you, and hope you’ll send us news and updates about the SRC goings on at your library.

Be sure to tell us your stories, too! We are now accepting submissions for the 2018 Community Story Award! Please see here for more details!

Looking forward to A Walk on the Wild Side with you this summer!

How Eco-Friendly is the BC Summer Reading Club


All the BC SRC print materials are produced as eco-consciously as possible. Our printer, Chris Diersch from Print It Group Inc., wouldn’t have it any other way!

The paper we use:
• has a minimum of 10% Post Consumer content.
• is Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF). ECF is a technique that uses Chlorine Dioxide instead of elemental chlorine to bleach paper pulp. This process substantially reduces the dioxins left in mill wastewater.

The inks we use:
• are vegetable oil based inks and UV (ultraviolet) cured
• give off no volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
• require fewer chemicals for cleanup
• are anti-skinning (no “skin” forms on the surface of the ink can) and so produce no ink
can skin waste.

In addition:

While preparing for printing (a process known as “make-ready”), the paper is used multiple times as Chris and his team check colours, etc. This paper is then put back into the recycle stream.

All of the printing plates are recycled, and no film (and associated chemicals) are used to make those plates.

And, finally, all offcuts from the print run are recycled.

About the Illustrator

darlenegaitDarlene Gait is an Aboriginal artist from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She is a member of Esquimalt Nation the first people of Victoria, BC Canada.

Darlene grew up on a farm near the Englishman River in Errington, Vancouver Island. There she and her two sisters were responsible for taking care of the family’s goats, geese, chickens and rabbit, and weeding the huge garden. When school let out for the summer, Darlene divided her time between painting in her room and exploring the outdoors, along with her dog, and her horse/best-friend, Dusty.

Darlene credits her Grandmother Cooper as the most significant creative inspiration in her life. It was the stories her grandmother told her, stories about the history of the Aboriginal side of her family, that set her on the path to becoming an illustrator and painter.

Darlene began painting as a child and excelled in graphics, illustration and wild life painting after graduating from Vancouver Island University in 1999. Known for her portraits of Aboriginal women and children, many of her paintings reflect unity between Nations and non-Native people and produce a connection to strength of history and culture. Her design featuring the cultural legend of Orca transitioning to Wolf appears on the new BC Ferries vessel, Salish Orca on the Comox — Powell River route. One Moon Gallery, located in the heart of Esquimalt Nation, is home to Darlene’s entire collection of artwork, which displays limited edition prints and original paintings for public to view.

Darlene’s beautiful picture books include Secret of the Dance, Who is In Maxine’s Tree?, Catching Spring, Soapstone Signs, the second part, “Soapstone Porcupine” is coming out next spring (Orca Books). Her work is vivid, filled with life, and inspired by her own deeply personal connection to nature  — a perfect match for this year’s theme “Walk on the Wild Side”.
To learn more about Darlene and her work, please visit her website Darlene is available for library visits this summer. You may reach her at

À propos de l’illustratrice [FR]

About Us

The BC Summer Reading Club is a free literacy program designed to engage school-aged children, ages 5-14, with libraries and reading, throughout the summer. We strive to do so in a way that is fun, educational, inclusive and community-oriented.

Each year, the BC SRC commissions a BC artist to realize our annual theme. Most recently, we’ve had the privilege of working with artists Jeff Solway, Darlene Gait, Lee Edward Födi, Shayne Letain, and Jeremy Tankard. We work with a graphic designer and web designer to ensure high-quality, visually-appealing print materials and an interactive website (

The program is designed to allow libraries from every part of the Province to plan and deliver the program in the way that best meets the distinctive needs of their communities. All children are invited to join the BC SRC by visiting their local library.

The BC SRC welcomes the participation of all children and their families, and seeks to provide an accessible and fully inclusive program. 



The BC SRC is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association and public libraries throughout British Columbia, with generous support from the Province of British Columbia, through Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education, and the RBC Foundation. Additional support is received from Public Library InterLINK and BC Libraries Co-op.

Please consider sending thank-you notes to your local RBC branch, the Minister of Education, and your library board, letting them know their support is greatly appreciated. Recognize the sponsors in your SRC promotional materials and advertisements — it is with the support of these institutions that public libraries throughout the province are able to provide this unique program to more than 155,000 children in over 200 BC communities.

Many thanks go out to the amazing team members who each contribute to making this program a huge success throughout the province:

Cynthia Ford (Provincial Coordinator, BC Summer Reading Club)
Emily Olsen of Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System (Committee Co-Chair)
Jennifer Lee and Vancouver Public Library (Committee Co-Chair)
Kate Adams of Richmond Public Library (Past Chair)
Mehjabeen Ali and Surrey Public Library (Content Creator)
Anne Martin and Vancouver Public Library (Content Creator)
Wiena Groenewold and Fraser Valley Regional Library (Content Creator)
Susan McCowan and Meghan Ross Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library System (Content Creators)
Tina Lee and Burnaby Public Library (Content Creator)
Julie Carter and Vancouver Island Regional Library (Content Creator)
Dr. Tess Prendergast, Inclusive Early Literacy (Consultant)
Lucinda Murray (Inclusion Reviewer)
Roger Handling, Terra Firma Digital Arts (Graphic Designer)
Neil Firkins, (Web Design)
Shayne Letain, Rain in Spain Creative Studio (
Mari Martin, Director, Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education
Scott Leslie and Jonathan Schatz, BC Libraries Cooperative
Michael Burris and the staff at InterLINK
Angie Ayupova, Manager, BCLA
Annette DeFaveri, Executive Director, BCLA

BC SRC Social Media Policy


It is the policy of the BC Summer Reading Club (@BC_SRC) to ”follow” libraries, library workers, and authors/illustrators/publishers as deemed appropriate by the BC SRC.

Anyone interested in the activities of the BC SRC is welcome to “follow” us on Twitter. If, however, you do not fall into one of the above categories, there is a good chance we will not follow you back. No unfriendliness or Twitter-etiquette breach is intended. Rather, we are careful not to appear to endorse performers/entertainers who might wish to market their productions to libraries. This allows each library community the opportunity to decide for themselves exactly how they will implement the BC SRC program.


At this time, the BC SRC is not on Facebook.

Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact:
Executive Director, BCLA, Annette DeFaveri (

Goals, Outcomes and Objectives of the BC Summer Reading Club

  • engage children in fun, free summer programming that supports literacy and literate citizenship
  • connect children with a range of reading materials best suited to their needs and interests, ultimately increasing their enthusiasm for and confidence in reading
  • provide appealing and high-quality program materials for children to track their voluntary reading (reading records, bookmarks, posters, stickers)
  • provide sufficient quantities of the above materials to all BC libraries at no cost, so that any child who wishes to participate may do so
  • build a sense of the BC Summer Reading Club as “place” throughout the province
  • increase the qualitative value of feedback through the BC SRC Community Story Award
  • increase the quantitative value of feedback through the annual survey
  • continue to streamline processes in order to best manage resources
  • to increase support and communication for libraries through interactive website
  • support and promote BC children’s literature by featuring BC illustrators as SRC Artists

Guiding Principles for approving submissions to

As part of its goals and objectives (see above), the BC SRC provides an interactive literacy-based children’s website. Currently, children may submit original stories and, once approved, see them published on the website.

In so doing, we support the creative efforts and literacy development of children. In addition, we are acknowledge our obligation to protect:

  • the children who submit their stories
  • the Association (BCLA)
  • our funders (Ministry of Education, RBC, BC libraries)

To that end, we reserve the right to publish or not, edit or not. In addition, we will:

  • never publish a child’s last name (even when included with submission)
  • not include any obvious identifiers (names of siblings, school, etc.)

Should any submission include any reference to the child being abused, the submission will immediately be reported to the BCLA Executive Director.