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Behind the Scenes: Filming BC SRC welcome video in American Sign Language

Early one morning in August, as part of our initiative to increase language accessibility to the BC Summer Reading Club, a small crew of people gathered at a BC library to film a “welcome” video in American Sign Language (ASL).  This video will be a permanent feature on the BC SRC staff website, and each year will be linked to the kid’s site. The experience was both fascinating and a tremendous learning opportunity. I thought you might enjoy a behind-the-scenes peak!

Through Tess Prendergast (our Consultant, Inclusion Review Team), we were put in touch with ASL signer, Zoée Montpetit. 

Meet Zoée Montpetit, our ASL signer

Zoée is a self-professed “grammar nerd” and took painstaking efforts to understand what we were trying to communicate about the BC SRC. Text messages and emails flew back and forth as she worked to determine the best way to say things in American Sign Language. As ASL has no official written form, she used English gloss to represent certain signs to help me understand the process. Glossing is not a translation, but rather a description of what is being signed, including important body language. And because ASL and English are very different languages, complete with different grammars, the English gloss script Zoée showed me was a fascinating “view” into some of those differences. 

Here’s an example:

English and ASL GLoss

Our welcome video also includes captions in English. I learned that as part of Bilingual-Bicultural education, this gives Deaf children a chance to learn English as they watch ASL. Very cool!

Zoée signing “Hello!”

On the day of the shoot, interpreter Denise Sedran arrived. Her first job was to facilitate communication between Zoée, myself, and the crew. I learned that when Denise spoke directly to me in English, she was typically “in” Zoée’s voice. So a simple request from Denise, such as “May I have a glass of water?”, was in fact a request from Zoée.

Denise’s second job was to do a voiceover in English. Syncing an audio recording to someone signing can be challenging, especially if you are trying to capture nuance and tone. It was decided that from the sidelines, with the camera “rolling”,  Denise would read the English script aloud, while carefully watching Zoée sign, in order to match her pacing. It was very cool to observe the dynamic connection between Zoée and Denise. 

Zoée and Denise working out timing and phrasing. Samuel on sound. TJ at the camera.

Our film crew was made up of Samuel Wong and TJ Galmut.  Their calm and friendly demeanour, along with plenty of reassurances that we would be able to do as many takes as necessary, made it a fun experience for everyone. 

Gathered around the camera to watch the footage. Of particular concern, was to ensure that none of Zoée’s signs had been cut off in the frame.

What an amazing experience to work with this group of people! Can’t wait for you to see the video. I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it is up!

Many thanks to Julie Iannacone and Erie Maestro and the staff at Vancouver Public Library’s Kensington branch for letting us “borrow” their children’s department early one morning! And an extra big thanks to  Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, for their funding to increase language accessibility to the BC Sumemr Reading Club!

In case you’d like to learn more:

Zoée Montpetit has been an American Sign Language educator for a decade and is passionate about introducing ASL and Deaf Culture with an emphasis on social justice. She created Queer ASL, an ASL & Deaf Culture program, which focuses on creating a more accessible, affordable, and safer space for queer & transgender folk and their allies who want to learn ASL in Vancouver, BC. She has been currently expanding Queer ASL to include workshops, event promotions in ASL, and is excited to collaborate with organizations on projects. To contact Zoée, please email her at and more information about Queer ASL can be found at

Denise Sedran is a certified interpreter who has been working in the field for over thirty years. She is passionate about fostering capacity and competence in interpreters to ensure the highest quality of service provision. Throughout her career she has been a practitioner, mentor, educator, consultant and leader. She currently works full-time as a Professional Development Specialist with Sorenson Communications and when time permits, she enjoys interpreting in the community.  She can be reached at or 604-616-9007. 

Samuel Wong  is a graphic designer who specializes in motion graphics, illustration, packaging and film. To contact Samuel or to see more of his work please visit

TJ Galmut is a cinematographer from Chilliwack, BC. As a freelance filmmaker he films promos, commercials, and live events. On his free time he journeys into the outdoors to abandoned places and mountain peaks.

RBC donates $50,000 to the BC Summer Reading Club!

The BCLA Summer Reading Club (BC SRC) has been a uniquely provincial program for over 25 years. Jointly funded by the BC Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, and RBC, the BC SRC offers children across the province the opportunity to maintain their literacy skills throughout the summer and take part in a variety of fun activities at their public library. RBC has been an important and valued partner in this program since 2001 and we gratefully acknowledge their generous support to the 2017 BC SRC.

Here we are at the RBC, Georgia & Burrard branch, with manager Sonya Reginato and her staff, to express our appreciation and to receive the cheque! Very exciting!

From left to right: Kate Adams (BC SRC Committee Past Chair), Michelle Rachmata (RBC staff) Stephanie Kripps (BCLA Board),Sonya Reginato (RBC Branch Manager), above: Cassie McFadden (BCLA Office Manager)  below: Cynthia Ford (BC SRC Provincial Co-ordinator), Henna Dua (RBC staff)


Thanks to RBC’s generous support, participating libraries are able to award children who complete the program with a specially designed medal to honour their reading accomplishments.

BC SRC medal (back), featuring RBC logo

BC SRC medal (front), 2017 theme Walk on the Wild Side!

Many libraries hold public ceremonies, attended by hundreds of eager Summer Readers and their families, at which RBC representatives, and other local dignitaries personally present each child with a medal.This is the time of year children throughout BC are proudly displaying their BC Summer Reading Club medal. Often, children will keep their medals year after year, as evidence of their significant personal accomplishments.

Via Twitter @gvpl shared a picture of a BC SRC member who collected this jaw-dropping collection of seven years of medals!

In 2013, BCLA partnered with RBC, to introduce the BC SRC Community Story Award. Each year, this award is presented to an individual whose story best demonstrates the impact of the SRC within their community. To read the winning stories and for more details on how to enter, please see:

Each library is encouraged to design and and deliver programs that best meet the unique needs of their community. Thanks to the enthusiasm and deep commitment of library staff, the BC SRC is featured at parades, weekly farmer’s markets, and community days throughout the summer. Not only does the BC SRC program make it fun for children to maintain their reading skills over the summer, it creates opportunities for them to make new friends, develop a lifelong love of reading, learn about the many things their local library has to offer, and feel a sense of belonging within their community. The BC SRC program currently reaches over 172,000 children and their families throughout the province. 

This would not be possible without RBC’s incredible generosity, support, and community perspective. Thank you, RBC!


SRC Display at VPL’s Central Branch

Staff at the Vancouver Public Library’s Central Branch sent along some pictures of their SRC display. Fun!

Be sure to send us yours, too!


A giant octopus floats above the registration desk.


Amidst the trees, colourful flowers mark each child’s registration.

A log cabin in the woods,  just right for summer camping and reading!

Take the 2017 BC SRC Quiz and win!

This past spring, Randi Robin, BC SRC’s esteemed quiztress, put together yet another fabulous quiz for the BCLA Conference.

Didn’t make it to Conference? Well, we sure missed you, and now’s your chance to take the quiz and win some prizes! Enter as an individual, enter as a team!

We have a small quantity of gorgeous Darlene Gate art cards to be awarded as prizes. Each card is a quality reproduction of Darlene Gait’s original paintings and comes individually packaged with its own envelope. Gorgeous!

To enter, simply include the number of the question and the letter of the answer you think is correct, ie. 9:z (there is no question 9 or answer z — this is just an example!) DO NOT post your answers to the blog! 😉 Please send your entry directly to with the subject line “SRC Quiz + Your Library Name”. 

Good luck!

BC SRC Conference Quiz 2017

Unlimited downloads of Joseph Bruchac’s Bearwalker for BC SRC readers!

Thanks to our friends at BC Libraries Co-op, OverDrive, and HarperCollins, BC Summer Reading kids can check out the e-book version of Bearwalker by Joseph Bruchac. (Any kids with access to the BC Libraries Library2Go will also have access to this title. )

Bearwalker is on our Week One Booklist , for ages 9-12. Activated on July 27, the e-book already has over 155 checkouts! Pretty cool!

Many thanks, too, to Chetwynd Public Library’s Ana Peasgood for suggesting we explore ways to increase both digital literacy and access to books, from the SRC weekly booklists.

Bearwalker is available for unlimited downloads till September 12!

Your Quick & Handy Reference guide to BC SRC essentials!

Hi Everyone,

The BC SRC is in full swing! Here’s a quick and handy reference guide to your SRC essentials: 

Too many/too few Reading Records? The BC SRC Exchange Blog to the rescue!

The SRC Exchange Blog lives at Notify other libraries that you are running low on something (Materials Wanted!) and/or that you have extra materials to share (Materials Available!). As you know, this allows us to be a whole lot more flexible in matching materials to shifting demographics!

The SRC contact at your library should have login info.) If you can’t find it or never received it, just let me know and I’ll resend it. Also, libraries are welcome to have more than one contributor. If you or someone in your library would like to be added as a contributor, just send me an email!

How to Post to the Blog

Here’s instructions how:

Kids’ Summer Stories to Read!

Everyday, over at our amazing interactive kids’ site, children from throughout the province are writing and submitting their stories. If you haven’t already done so, be sure to visit and check out the stories — delightful!

Your Summer Stories to Tell!!

It’s not too early to be thinking about entering the BC SRC Community Story Award! Tell us a story about the way the BC SRC impacts you or your community and you might win attendance at the 2018 BCLA Conference! 

For more info, visit: Send your story to with the subject line: SRC Community Story Award.

Show us SRC at your library!

Have any great SRC-pics to share? We’d love to see them! You can post them on the SRC Blog ( or tweet them to @BC_SRC (hashtag #bcsrc)  

Download Goodness

Be sure to checkout the goodness waiting for you at the Downloads page of the staff website: All kinds of wonderful and useful things live there including Colouring Sheets, DIY iron-on transfer for t-shirts, a Certificate of Completion, a Reading Record Supplement for those voracious readers… And much, much more!

Happy summer reading!

Powell River Public Library looking for some tween programming ideas!

My name is Megan Cole, and I’m the teen services co-ordinator at the Powell River Public Library. We recently moved into a new library space, which is three times bigger than our previous one. Needless to say we’ve seen a lot of excitement from our community, particularly teens and the tweens Grades 4 – 6. I’m looking for programming ideas for our tweens Grades 4 -6. Like many libraries, especially in the summer, we see a lot of kids whose parents send their kids to the library to spend the day, which always means they try to camp out at the computers. We’re hoping to develop some on going programming to serve them. I’m wondering what other libraries are doing around this.



Megan Cole

Powell River Public Library

Teen Services Coordinator


ORL’s System-Wide Summer Reading Club Training For Staff


ORL’s Linda Youmans, the Youth Collections/System Librarian, kindly agreed to tell us more about the SRC training workshop Okanagan Regional Library system has put together for staff.  She notes that their “Youth Services Team has been wonderful in helping to put the workshop together showcasing all their talents to the staff.” What a terrific sharing of knowledge and best practices!


The Okanagan Regional Library kicked off this year’s Summer Reading Club by offering internal SRC workshops based on the 2017 theme.

The workshop was entitled “SRC Smackdown: Summer Reading Club Success” and featured presentations/discussion on the following:

  • The Purpose of Summer Reading Club
  • Summer Reading Club Basics – supplies, age levels, guidelines, additional clubs (teen and read-to-me),
  • Evanced Calendar and Online Registration – benefits of using these new methods
  • Planning Programs – Useful forms, parental guidelines and websites
  • Outreach – panel discussion on how the three of our larger branches libraries do outreach to schools
  • Contests such as Recycled Birdhouse, Nature Before and After, and Scavenger hunts!
  • 2017 SRC Themed Programs and Contests such as
    • “Yard Wars: Seed Bombs – a nonfiction program on weird and wacky plants, where children, based on the facts that they heard, design their own unusual plant
    • Wild Animal Fun, a story /craft program featuring tabletop storytelling with puppets
    • Book Smack and Marshmallow Toss – thirty -second book talks by participants where, if the timer goes off before finishing, they are pummelled by marshmallows
  • SRC Brainstorming Session where attendees worked in groups, brainstormed on one of the themes, and walked away with a usable program. There were no paper handouts at the workshop since all information goes on our staff Shared Drive.
  • Evaluating the SRC – discussion regarding the importance of evaluation and the methods the ORL uses including  Project Outcome.

“SRC Smackdown: Summer Reading Club Success” was held in three locations in our system.   Fifty-five on-call, full-time and part-time staff from our 29-library branch system attended. 79% rated the workshop as excellent, while 69% said that they were now very confident, after the training received, to do an SRC program in their branch. Last year we did a workshop on Story Time Success for 53 attendees, which was popular as well!

We are looking forward to our 2018 internal Youth Services training workshops with the projected theme of “Teens and Steam.”

Storytelling with Paddle Puppets (The Elephant’s Child)

Transporting smarties from one paper filter to another with only a straw – Minute to Win-it Activity

Blowing Feathers Across the Room (activity for kids while doing the Book Smack and Marshmallow Toss program)

More Great Books about Nature!

The nice people at Heritage Group Distribution,  Orca Book Publishers,  McKellar & MartinMidtown PressRaincoast Books and Ronsdale Press have sent along some additional titles related to our 2017 theme of “nature”! If you have created any book lists related to this summer’s theme, feel free to send them along and we’ll link to them here!

Nature themed HGD kids books for BC Summer Reading S17
Nature themed books for the BC Summer Reading Club from Orca
Midtown_Nature-themed books_BC SRC 2017
Raincoast Nature-themed books for 2017
Summer Book Club list 2017-2

Walking on the Wild Side at the 2017 BCLA Conference!

What a great time we had at the BCLA Conference! As always, it was a treat to see old friends and put faces to email addresses. Although this year’s chair, TNRD’s Emily Olsen, was unfortunately unable to attend Conference, Incoming Chair, VPL’s Jennifer Lee and Outgoing Chair, RPL’s Kate Adams were on hand to welcome conference delegates to the 2017 BC SRC: Walk on the Wild Side!

VPL’s Jennifer Lee and RPL’s Kate Adams

On display was this year’s gorgeous artwork by  Darlene Gait! Jenn Lee’s stunning cut-outs of BC foliage added a wonderful wild-ness to the SRC booth!

We were thrilled when Darlene generously donated the original painting of the poster for the Conference. In recent years, our SRC artists have worked digitally so it was pretty exciting to see the artwork IRL!

VPL’s Jenn Lee beside original painting for 2017 BC SRC poster by Darlene Gait. Done in ink, coloured Pantone pencil, and gauche; measures 12 x 24″.

Everyone was invited to try the SRC Quiz Conference Edition, created once again by our brilliant Quiztress, Randi Robin. Prizes included a bottle of BC wine and an adorable thematically-correct Folkmanis Raccoon puppet. Stay tuned later this summer, when the SRC Quiz Conference Edition will appear here on this blog, for you to try!

An oversized reading record and some crayons provided an opportunity to explore drawing skills with the Draw Yourself in Nature Activity cards. (Most of us decided we’d best stick with our day jobs! 😉 )

A ballot box invited people to vote for their favourite theme for 2019. They were asked to choose from a shortlist (the top contenders from last year’s poll). 

The possible 2019 themes include:

  1. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  2. Mysteries
  3. Imagination/Art

If you haven’t yet voted, please do so here! (So far, it’s a very close race!) Voting is open till Monday, June 19th.

If you didn’t make it to Conference this year, we missed you, and hope you’ll send us news and updates about the SRC goings on at your library.

Be sure to tell us your stories, too! We are now accepting submissions for the 2018 Community Story Award! Please see here for more details!

Looking forward to A Walk on the Wild Side with you this summer!