ORL’s System-Wide Summer Reading Club Training For Staff


ORL’s Linda Youmans, the Youth Collections/System Librarian, kindly agreed to tell us more about the SRC training workshop Okanagan Regional Library system has put together for staff.  She notes that their “Youth Services Team has been wonderful in helping to put the workshop together showcasing all their talents to the staff.” What a terrific sharing of knowledge and best practices!


The Okanagan Regional Library kicked off this year’s Summer Reading Club by offering internal SRC workshops based on the 2017 theme.

The workshop was entitled “SRC Smackdown: Summer Reading Club Success” and featured presentations/discussion on the following:

  • The Purpose of Summer Reading Club
  • Summer Reading Club Basics – supplies, age levels, guidelines, additional clubs (teen and read-to-me),
  • Evanced Calendar and Online Registration – benefits of using these new methods
  • Planning Programs – Useful forms, parental guidelines and websites
  • Outreach – panel discussion on how the three of our larger branches libraries do outreach to schools
  • Contests such as Recycled Birdhouse, Nature Before and After, and Scavenger hunts!
  • 2017 SRC Themed Programs and Contests such as
    • “Yard Wars: Seed Bombs – a nonfiction program on weird and wacky plants, where children, based on the facts that they heard, design their own unusual plant
    • Wild Animal Fun, a story /craft program featuring tabletop storytelling with puppets
    • Book Smack and Marshmallow Toss – thirty -second book talks by participants where, if the timer goes off before finishing, they are pummelled by marshmallows
  • SRC Brainstorming Session where attendees worked in groups, brainstormed on one of the themes, and walked away with a usable program. There were no paper handouts at the workshop since all information goes on our staff Shared Drive.
  • Evaluating the SRC – discussion regarding the importance of evaluation and the methods the ORL uses including  Project Outcome.

“SRC Smackdown: Summer Reading Club Success” was held in three locations in our system.   Fifty-five on-call, full-time and part-time staff from our 29-library branch system attended. 79% rated the workshop as excellent, while 69% said that they were now very confident, after the training received, to do an SRC program in their branch. Last year we did a workshop on Story Time Success for 53 attendees, which was popular as well!

We are looking forward to our 2018 internal Youth Services training workshops with the projected theme of “Teens and Steam.”

Storytelling with Paddle Puppets (The Elephant’s Child)

Transporting smarties from one paper filter to another with only a straw – Minute to Win-it Activity

Blowing Feathers Across the Room (activity for kids while doing the Book Smack and Marshmallow Toss program)

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