Walk on the Wild Side! with the 2017 BC SRC

Vivid, filled with life, and inspired by her own deeply personal connection to nature, this year’s gorgeous artwork is by Darlene Gait (http://www.onemoon.ca). Combining her incredible skill as an artist with her ability to pay attention and look more closely at the world around her, Darlene has done a fantastic job of realizing this year’s theme of Walk on the Wild Side!

The Poster

Peering through a gap in an old brick wall is a curious (and incredibly cute!) Racoon. In the background, we can see a city scape — grey buildings set against blue water and blue mountains. Through the gap is a verdant world filled with a variety of BC animals, all illustrated in exquisite detail. Look closely and you’ll spot a wolf, spider, a raven, a marmot and many others — along with some deliciously ripe-looking blackberries!

You can almost see our Raccoon’s nose quiver in anticipation! Adventure, beauty, discovery, wonderful encounters, new friends — all these and more await when you “Walk on the Wild Side!”

The Reading Record and Stickers

The cover of the 2017 Reading Record echoes the poster and, along with our adorable Raccoon, invites children and their families to explore the natural world all around them, wherever they live!

Inside the reading record, a pathway opens up into a panorama of British Columbia landscapes. In each environment kids can spot a BC animal. Darlene has purposely chosen several animals listed as At-Risk or Endangered. Can you spot the Little Brown Myotis? (Hint: it’s hanging in the cave!) Don’t worry, we’ll have the names of the animals on the kids’ website for any budding naturalists to reference!

As always, on the back of each of the seven weekly panels there is room for kids to log their daily reading by recording titles, pages, or minutes read, or simply by colouring the delightful icons.

The sticker panel features seven BC animals: our adventurous Raccoon in the centre, surrounded by Raven, Wolf, Bear, Lynx, Northern Leopard Frog.

Activity Card: Draw Yourself in Nature

This year’s activity card encourages children to “draw themselves in nature”. A folding “stand” at the bottom of the card makes it possible for kids to take their “mini-me” figure for a Walk on the Wild Side of their reading record! And if they want some company, pop-out figures of a raccoon and a deer are available to join them! Instructions are provided on the back of the card.

T-shirts and Medals

This year features our delightful Raccoon on a Forest Green t-shirt. It’s available in Adult, Youth and Ladies styles. The ribbon colour for this year’s medal is a royal blue. Think: ribbons of blue water running through a forest!

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