Quick Guide to SRC Booklist Icons

More SRC-goodness from our amazing web guy, Neil Firkins! He has added some super-useful icons to this year’s booklists (found under the Manual tab http://kidssrc.libraries.coop/manual/):

A flag icon lets you know immediately if a title is by a BC or Canadian author. (Many thanks to NVDPL’s Allison Taylor-McBride for her help with this!).

In addition, a yellow headphone icon indicates whether a book is available in audio format, making it easy for anyone wishing to listen to their summer reading! As titles become available through NNELS and CELA, a blue or green headphone icon will be added.

Neil has also added a direct link at the top of each booklist to both the NNELS and CELA sites, so staff and patrons can easily learn about the resources available for people with perceptual and print disabilities.

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