Increasing Inclusion and Accessibility

A special thanks to our consultant Tess Prendergast. Under her guidance, the Inclusion Review Team (Emma Rumley, Lucinda Murray, Meredith Temple) reviewed the 2017 Manual and offered ideas and suggestions to increase the accessibility and inclusion of the programs and activities. In addition, they have provided us with some excellent general guidelines which we have also included here:
-Be aware that your audience will always include children of varying abilities.
-Feel comfortable to mix ’n match activities based on the needs and abilities of the children
-Let Summer Students and/or Volunteers know it’s OK to adapt a program/activity.
-When possible, include (good!) books that feature children of different abilities and backgrounds.
Normalize accommodations and/or participation of a child’s caregiver with phrases such as “You can do
this activity by yourself or with a partner”.
If an activity includes the use of plants (or a substance that may cause an allergic reaction), you may
wish to include this info ahead of time to give people advance notice

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