Bonjour BC SRC!

We are delighted to announce that the 2017 BC SRC Core Print materials will be available in English and French:
-poster (one side English; one side French)
-reading Record (English cover on one side; French cover on the other)
-bookmarks (both languages on bookmarks)
-activity card (both languages on card)
As well, we have a thematic French booklist and French downloadable letters for parents, schools, media, etc. available from the website You’ll want to be sure to advise the French Immersion families and teachers in your community!

The addition of French to our Core Print Materials and our Parent/School support materials marks Phase One of increasing language accessibility to the BC SRC. Thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Education, Libraries Branch, in 2017, children and their families will be able to “Walk on the Wild Side!” and to “Balade dans la nature sauvage!”

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