The 2015 BC Summer Reading Club theme is:


We are thrilled to announce that the artist for this year’s BC Summer Reading Club is:

Shayne Letain!

Shayne's-PhotoShayne’s illustrations are bold, inventive, and engaging a perfect match for this year’s theme of Build it! His picture book illustrations include: The Goalie Mask and Number Four, Bobby Orr! (Raincoast Books, 2006). He is currently at work writing and illustrating a new children’s book. Shayne lives in New Westminster with his wife, Tracey, and his son, Kai. His favourite building project (other than the artwork for the SRC, of course!) is creating Lego stop-motion animations with Kai.

To learn more about Shayne and his work, please see his bio and his website

Books Illustrated by Shayne

Number-Four-Bobby-Orr TheGoalieMask

Core Materials include reading records, stickers, posters, and bookmarks. Additional items include completion medals and tattoos. Free downloads include a staff Programming Manual, reading lists, and a quiz and colouring sheets.

Visit the online Maker’s Guide @ BCSRC.CA to learn how to build what you see in the reading record and more!

We gratefully acknowledge the generous financial support of the Province of British Columbia, through Libraries Branch, Ministry of Education, and the RBC Foundation.
Illustrations by Shayne Letain ©2015 · Materials Design by Roger Handling ·